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Exclusive: Freeway Ricky Ross Talks Lawsuit With “Rick Ross”


After news of “Freeway” Rick Ross’ broke yesterday that he was ordered to pay some of the rapper Rick Ross’ legal fees, he promised that his fight is far from over. The former drug kingpin spoke to Hip-Hop Wired about his plans going forward to “get what he has coming to him.”

“Our plan is to depose Lyor Cohen, Todd Moskovitz and Sean Combs which is major. In addition the $800,000 difference the judge knocked off does not disappear,” says Freeway Rick.  “Rozay is going to have to pay that amount, thats $800,000. When your not selling platinum its hard to recoup $800,000.”

Although on the surface, it may look like the Maybach Music Group CEO is winning the case for his stage name, all isn’t what it seems. “The judge clearly said they are luck to get anything, she did it because it was mandated.  So here we are instead of him coming to me as a man and us sitting down as two black men, he ends up getting these white lawyers 1.3 mill,” states Freeway. “Here’s an artist that hasnt went platinum giving his attorneys more than me, and being told he’s lucky Im paying anything, that’s not a win.”

“Freeway” Ricky Ross will be featured in the new documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugsat the Toronto Film Festival alongside Eminem, 50 Cent and Russell Simmons. Rick Ross’ new album, God Forgives, I Don’t, is in stores now.


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  • LosAngelesSCentral

    He has people in middle America believing he has money like Freeway Rick did, he plainly doesnt. Hes tracking 200K in sales, Gold numbers. The accounting doesnt add up with 800K in a nonmarketing expense. This album isnt tracking Platinum.

    • probably because everyone of his songs sound exactly the same lol

    • thats because you don’t make most of your money through album sales you get most of your money from shows which him and his team sale out plus wale went platinum and he gets a piece of that he’s a business man and a smart one at that but u know what they say most business men are crock.

  • champhf

    well he is a hip hop cop so why wouldnt the system somehow seem to work in his favor….!!! he is the most successful drug dealing cop hip hop has ever produced.

  • blacker85

    Is paying a lil Homage too much to ask??.. Dam* ROZAAAY!!!!

  • kesh

    Freeway needs to sit his dumb a$$ down… he doesn’t OWN the NAME… when sumone can explain why he isn’t mad at Philly Freeway for doing the SAME DAMN thing, then I’ll listen…

    How is William any different from Ricky?? Both of em are (were) govt mules… he’s no less ignorant than the rapper.. Matter fact, how many of u would know him if it WEREN’T for the old c/o???

    • gordon

      Is not just the name, he stole his whole identity and life story.. And, then turns around claiming he came up with the name out of thin air.. Anyone who know’s about Oliver North, Daddy Bush and the CIA, know’s about the Real Rick Ross. The fake one thought he could just take this man’s whole image because he wasn’t going to see the light of day..

      If the rapper wasn’t using The Real Rick Ross’s image and persona, how relevant would he be.

  • babyc21us

    Okay, this has to be for people that already know the story because the introduction was terrible there wasn’t a well developed thesis statement. I thought freeway was a totally different rapper. I’m lost