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Aaliyah ft. Drake – “Enough Said” [LISTEN]

Aaliyah passed away almost 11 years ago, but today (August 5th) we get a new song from the late artist called “Enough Said,” featuring Drake. The Toronto rapper made headlines when he revealed that he would be executive producing a posthumous album from the storied singer and actress. The ethereal and smooth track was produced by Drizzy’s trust producer, Noah “40” Shebib.

Drake getting hands on with Aaliyah’s music has spurned some controversy. Timbaland believes that he and Missy Elliott, who were key in Aaliyah’s meteoric rise to success, feels that it’s only right that they both be involved in the project, as do plenty of fans. “I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and him, and Missy,” Timbaland told the Breakfast Club

As for Drake, the YMCMB rapper is surely excited since he recently got another tattoo in honor of Aaliyah (a “116” for her January 16th birthday on his ribcage) to complement the one of her face he has on his back.

Let us know what you think of the new Aaliyah song in the comments. Listen to “Enough Said” below.

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  • kG

    How is this an “Aaliyah” track ?? Aaliyah would never have some random-ass rapper do a verse dissin other artists (Chris Brown) that didn’t have anything to do with her or the song. And all 40s beats sound the damn same. You don’t just slap Aaliyah’s vocals on a lame leftover Marivn’s Room beat and label it an “Aaliyah” song.

    Drake has no shame whatsoever. Her estate must’ve let his money/influence talk them into selling her out. Shame on em!

    • First off, he’s not random. He sings. He has mixtapes. He’s been in the game for like 5+ yrs. He was famous before that too (Degrassi). He is not at all random! You can’t even say what Aaliyah would or wouldn’t have done. Even if all of Aaliyah’s family backed him, I bet you’d still have a problem. Who are you??? Exactly. Drake’s own uncle is working with Drake. but naw. All 40’s beats don’t sound the same. You must not have listened to Drake before Thank Me Later. Drake has a tat of Aaliyah on his back. He’s like obsessed. Let the man pay his tribute in his own way, through music. At least he’s using music to express his feelings about her being that she too was a musician.

  • kG

    but wait, maybe drake was dissin nas. i mean, he sold under 150 first week right (139K). According to drake, sales are the only thing that matter?? I will be so glad when the teeny bops get tired of this dude. he’s out of control

  • dimpz

    Drake needs to have serveral seats! We ALL grew up listenin to Aaliyah and we were ALL crushed when she died but THIS is unnecessary!! Drake, b*tch you didn’t even know Aaliyah! And Timbo is right, IF there should be an aaliyah-album, it SHOULD be produced by Timbo and Missy,NO ONE else!
    I’m out.

    • and that’s why Timbaland is working w/ Drake?? Timbaland wasn’t trying to diss Drake forreal. Drake is like obsessed w/ Aaliyah, so why not try to tribute her through music?? It’s not like he’s trying to dig up her grave. He may have grown up listening to her too. He has a tattoo of her on his back ffs.

  • Tayb95

    This Is Soooo….. NOT An Aaliyah Track. I Thought He Was Going To Do Okay Due To The Fact He Is Such A “Aaliyah Fan”But Was Totally Opposite. I Know This Is Going To Be The Song Of The Century B/c Of His Fans(Shit Faces).

  • Andre Meaux

    Yea…the track is cool but definitely not an Aaliyah song.

  • WTF

    I’m sorry Aaliyah, for he (Drake) don’t know any better!