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Mimi Admitting To Being  Jealous Of Joseline’s Success?

Did you miss this one? Well, we caught it. When the topic of using Stevie for his money was brought up, Mimi was none too happy to be grouped in with others hypnotized by her boo’s ends. Of course this isn’t the first time Mimi has gotten up in arms at the mere mention that she may have been with Stevie for financial gain, but this was the saddest.

Where was the struggle you may ask? It happened right after Joseline  accused Mimi of talking down to Stevie. Mimi retorted with this epic cry for help:  “What did he do for me?! He made you a superstar, what did he do for me?!”

Oh, you mad?

Luckily, Mimi caught herself by saying that she was also a “star” but that involuntary struggle moment seeped through her lips so fast she probably didn’t realize it either.

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