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Lil JoJo’s Mom Says Chief Keef “Paid Somebody” To Kill Her Son [VIDEO]


Rapper Joseph“Lil JoJo” Wright’s murder remains unsolved but his mother has an idea  of who is to blame: Chief Keef.

Wright’s mother, Robin Russell appeared on BET’s Don’t Sleep, alongside her other son, where she pinpointed Keef, born Keith Cozart, as the perpetrator. “I don’t believe he himself pulled the trigger, I believe he paid somebody to do it,”  Russell told Holmes when asked if she thought Keef shot her son.

“I would like justice to come from this and to show kids it’s a better way. [That they need] To get an education.”

Chicago police are looking into “a couple” of leads, in hopes of solving the teen’s unsolved death, but Russell is sure that Keef had something to do with the shooting, and fears for her own life.

With all the homicides taking place in Chicago this year alone, Russell and her son, John Coleman, were asked if they believe that Black lives are worthless in the inner city.  “I think my brother is something different than what’s going on because of the music,” Coleman said. “That’s what built a bigger spotlight for what’s going on because he did the music thing. We don’t want him to be remembered as just another kid who died. I feel he died for a purpose, whether it was intentional or not.”

Coleman’s reference is in regards to the beef launched by his brother’s diss record aimed at Keef and his affiliate Lil Reese. The discrepancy spilled onto Twitter and YouTube, the latter of which took place after a video was posted just before the rapper’s death. In the footage, a member of Keef’s crew is clearly heard saying “I’ma kill you!” in response to the youngster’s taunts. After publicizing his whereabouts on Twitter, JoJo was shot. Late in the day, Keef went onto Twitter to make mention of the incident, which he laughed off.

His tweets were looked into by investigators, causing Keef to take a break from Twitter while the inquiry was completed.

Like Keef’s grandmother, who gave an interesting interview to the Chicago Sun Times after the incident, Russell maintains that she had no knowledge that her son was involved in gang activity. “I don’t feel it’s my fault because all I can do is raise my child. I can’t hold his hand 24/7 when he goes in the streets,” she said. “I teach him right from wrong, but like I said I have other kids, I can’t be there with him 24 hours.”

Keef has not been charged with, or found to have any involvement in, JoJo’s murder.

Photo: BET

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  • osoarrogant_Cherry

    His last name was Coleman not Wright … Rest Easy JoJo );

  • dirtysouth6oy

    The way I c it is. She shudnt have gone on theRe n said shxt even if she thought that. Cuz now diz woman scared shxtless. Idk enuff info on diz. But quit tryna make it sound similar to boosies case. But lady I’m sorry bout ur son. But it xud have been anybody

  • The Truth

    Funny as hell they let people get away with murder just because theyre rappers. If it wasnt for the contracts they signed, they wouldve been arrested. Shows they want us black folks to kill eachother off and face no consequences. Look at all the rappers with major charges an average person would still be in jail for. We all know he had something to do with it, if you disagree your just stupid and a product of the media. And it’s funny how everybody is being hacked. Who ever says that is stupid too, because the term hacked came from myspace when you left your account open on a personal computer and a friend or family member post some dumb comment. Now its the number one excuse everybody uses when they get caught up in their b.s. Do yall realize how hard it is to actually hack into someones account? Smh, thats why the US is failing.