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Cory Booker Struggle Tweets His Way Through Food Stamps Challenge [PHOTOS]


Oh, damn.

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  • gigis83

    Dang he was looking for sympathy. That’s how some people feel for 365 days a year. The true struggle.

    • Rice_n_phoenix

      I think you need to look for your missing education, he was looking for better understanding. You don’t challenge yourself for sympathy, you do it for growth.

  • NicciNic

    I can respect this. more politicians need to do something like this. Hell snobby well to do people who look down on people on assistance need to do this!

  • ReesyPiecey

    Why is everyone trying to tear this man down? I think he is making a big step trying to understand the situation of others by putting himself in it and further more his broadcasting it brings awareness to others.

    Furthermore, I know it’s going to be a real struggle for him because he’s a vegetarian and eating healthy is expensive. It’s a luxury that underprivileged persons often do not have.