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Tennis Star Called Racist For Stuffing Bra & Shorts To Imitate Serena Williams [VIDEO/PHOTOS]


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  • rasheed taorheed

    That is nonsense

  • if CAROLINE WOZNIACKI had any regard at all for the OLYMPIC GAMES or for BRAZIL which is the country that will host the next i.e the 2016 Olympics ,she wouldn’t go around trying to disparage an international Olympic Champion in BRAZIL. if CAROLINE WOZNIACKI had any regard at all for the U.S.A, she wouldn’t go around trying to disparage a U.S.A Olympic representative —- less so an OLYMPIC CHAMPION of the caliber of SERENA WILLIAMS.

    • youre argument makes people less intelligent. Thanks for dropping us down a few IQ points you moron.

      • jack_sprat2

        You maybe missed the feller’s name, guy? Ten-to-one he’s writing in his fifth language, so cut him some slack.

  • I’m sorry, but I must have missed the memo in which having large breasts was peculiar to black women.

    • PinkTiara1993

      It wasn’t just that. She also stuffed her butt also which is a main asset black women tend to have naturally.

      • sfseth

        Like Venus? This argument is all BS. The racists are ones that read all this crap into this. Do we even really know if the act was meant to be offensive. As good a chance it’s jealousy or flattery.

      • wowwowo

        The idea that all black women tend to have big butts is a racists belief. You are a racist if you believe that. Show me the science that says having black skin makes your butt bigger. STUPID!

  • DaBiggVinchinzo

    I wouldn’t want to be that person when she had to play Serena Williams during the French, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. You know what they say : DON’T ASK WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!!!!

    • Actually, they say, “be careful what you wish for”…………….

  • nodouchbagsallowed

    im lost, how does impersonating someone make you racist? kat williams makes fun of white people for a living and calls them crackers and gets paid millions for it. but thats ok. black people are soooo sensitive. get over urselves. love how black people can make fun of white people all day long about how they walk and talk…and no one says anything but the minute a white person makes a joke about a black person its automatically “racist”. black people are the most racist culture out there. I am black myself and am disgusted in my culture when i see stuff like this. “racist” is the most overused cop out term of all time. Grow up

    Coco has a body like that…so how is it racist? clearly who ever wrote that was an oppressed struggling person who feels the need to lash out at any white person to make themselves feel better about their misfortunes in life. Sad

    • Neil

      So you simplify the entire black “race” as being sensitive because a couple of us feel offended while most of us could really care less…I would agree with your first sentence but then you singled out an entire culture with your statement do back up your argument that made you look racist.

      • Nate Higgers

        Blacks deserve to get singled out, seeing as how they are very primitive and subhuman, compared to all of the human beings of the world.

        Just saying.

      • jack_sprat2

        Oh, come on, son, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve got game, too. Just put on a white bed sheet and you’ll surge back into the lead, even without the pointy hat, the burning cross, and the length of stout rope.

      • wowowowowow

        Yet somehow, at least in the United States, we’ve managed to gain control of a significant portion of the government while representing about 12% of the population. VERY PRIMITIVE, INDEED!

      • Tom Williams

        Nobody said White Democrats were smart, don’t forget you also take the larger ratio per person of handouts too.

      • Angel Sims

        Nice trolling Nate Higgers, you must really be seeking attention with such an ignorant comment lol

    • neesie

      yeah…there are lots of white girls with bodies like that! There’s Coco of course and then there is…umm…wait give me a minute…there is Coco and umm *crickets* 😉

      • Ms Brooklyn


    • PinkTiara1993

      Umm… Coco had surgery so…..

    • I hear you man… These people need to get involved with some REAL issues.. Mother F$%kers can’t even have fun anymore… SMH

    • Ms Brooklyn

      Shut up!!! Stop lumping up all black people!!! I thought it was funny, and s0 does other’s. I highly doubt you are black!! Just by saying get over yourselves… Also Coco body is fake!!!! Try again loser

    • Thomas Madison

      It’s not even Serena over reacting to this harmless nonsense (They’re still friends), but easily offended white liberals, looking for things to be shocked and offended by. Too funny.

      • Logan Moll


    • sf

      coco’s body is fake and i have a hard time believing you are blak

  • jmg4314

    uhhh where is the racism? I must have missed out on the enlightenment.

  • What do you expect blacks think everything is racist, unless your making fun of other races then its ok.

    • Nate Higgers

      It shows the n1gger’s inferiority every single time they do it.

      The ones screaming the loudest for equality, are typically the least equal.

      • jack_sprat2

        Way to go, then, doing your part to even things out.

    • Lambeau_Gotti

      Who said a black person even thought this was racist to begin with…You don’t even know who made the accusations so shut it

    • wowowow

      Racism is lumping a group of people together based on a few shared physical traits. “Blacks think everything is racist” is a beyond stupid comment. Racism is lack of knowledge mixed with laziness.

  • Brittney

    I’m a black woman I feel like this is hilarious. There is absolutely no racism here. This is just her poking fun at Serena Williams. I agree that black people always like to play the victim. Nothing about what she did was targeted at black people as a whole. This was targeted directly at Serena so let her say if she was offended or not.

    • Jc

      Ask yourself what are they poking fun at…your nieve….poke fun at her game…her grunts etc NOT BODY IMAGE

      • Dude youre an idiot. Youre part of the reason why racism is still around, making something out of nothing.

      • who said BODY IMAGE is solely of black women. Hispanic women have the same bodies also. it is far from a target on black women.

      • What’s the difference ? She’s imitating ; having fun..They’re friends.. There are issues we should most defiantly be concerned with; but this isn’t one in my opinion.. Sometimes folks are too sensitive..

    • neesie

      Thanks Brittney for sharing your opinion. I agree with you, don’t feel she was being racist but I’m white and wondered how black women would feel. The general consensus from the comments here seem to be the same as yours. Black women that are blessed with voluptuous figures shouldn’t let any stupid comment or joke that some random hater makes hurt them or make them angry. Jealousy makes people say stupid things.

      However if I were her coach I wouldn’t be amused at all…get your head in the game woman!

  • Effen ridiculous–blacks don’t have a monopoly on rhythym,music, big asses or big tits-I am white and love fried chicken and watermelon……

  • xxGuitardudexx

    Jesus! Lighten Up!

  • Isaac

    Racist means the denigration of any one or more members of a particular race, on the basis of a disregard or hatred of that race. This joke is about body shape, which means that anyone who ever made a May West or Dolly Parton joke who isn’t white and wasn’t born either in New York or Tennessee respectively is a racist!

    Grow up People, this is wonderful world, if we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other from time to time we will lose everything

    • Nate Higgers

      I don’t think it’s possible for blacks to be deniggered lol

  • Razaray

    Katt is a comedian not a tennis player, he makes jokes she plays tennis.
    She is Polish and Danish. In Europe these two countries are the listed 24
    and 25 as the most non integrated countries in the EU !!!

    • jack_sprat2

      Denmark is a large dairy farm; Poland is a much bigger, more generalized farm, with industrial soot and squalor added. The former is mostly too boring to even visit, whereas the latter is too busy exporting workers to attract immigrants.

  • I am a black woman and I thought it was very funny …as for those who made bullshit remarks shame on bull shitters need to go kill urself… the woman was only braking the ice and made every one laugh blacks and whites and what ever other race that was there. But I bet no one nottice that did you ? smmfh… so quick to judge get a since of humor if Serena says she was offended which I dought that you people still need to butt out stop making every thing so black and white she represented her friend and a modified silly way thats all plus she got the points in the name of Serena …… ONE LOVE PEOPLE …. AS IN THE WORDS OF RODNEY KING Cant we just all get along ….ugh…

  • sickofthedisciples

    uhhh, since when are big breast and asses exclusive to black people????

  • docter

    how is this “racist”? It could have just as easily been a voluptuous white woman that she was “mocking”…. Racism is the thought that one race is inherently better than another. This is not racism.

  • Keith

    Jealously baby!! All black women should be proud of that skit!;-) They wish that had it so they have to poke fun at it!! Go black women, stay proud and strong there are people paying big money to look like you!;-)~ I love it!;-)

  • Torry

    Racist no stupid yes because she’ll rember this the next time they play

  • Matt

    Wait, only black women are ever thick and curvy? All white women are thin?Anyone who views this as racist is, themselves, a racist. If that’s where your mind automatically goes- to the race card – then it’s time to look in the mirror.

  • zan

    Serena Williams was barely even scrutinized for threatening to kill a ballboy. Race card only goes one way.

  • Darius

    Im black and nothing was racist about that idk what the fuss is about but Serena will remember that the next time they play

  • CarlLucas

    How is that racist? Serena Williams is thick as hell; not because she’s black, but because she’s a genetic phenom who should totally marry me and bare my children. My bloodline and name would last a thousand generations if she were mine!

  • Herby Derby

    I wasn’t aware that only black women had big boobs and butts.

  • Larry Berry

    Am I being racist if I like tacos and my name is Larry?

    • jack_sprat2

      No, but your surname is obviously a racist slight of former D.C. Mayor Marion Berry.

  • PinkTiara1993

    Lol. People are really missing the point. I see these dumb comments saying that “I didn’t know big boobs and a big butt only pertained to black women”. Nobody said it was. That is not what the situation is about. It’s about her mimicking specifically Serena Williams body even though she is well know for her famous curves. Also, I don’t see why she did that in the first place. Does she want to be a comedian or a tennis player?

  • This is not racist. Serena has the body of a goddess and her young friend and colleague is having a little fun emulating a physique she herself was not fortunate enough to be born with. If Serena isn’t offended, then no one else should be. This is a non-issue and I’m embarrassed that it’s even a story. There are real racial tragedies still taking place in the world, but pulling the race card in insignificant situations like this only delays justice.

  • That’s not racist.. If she wants to imitate Serena ; she would have to Stuff her bra and shorts .. People need to take it easy…

    • Also believe that this is NOT RACIST. People need to lighten up more. I found it extremely hillarious. If Ms. Williams was NOT offended why should anyone else be?

  • Nox22

    I’d say Jealousy, not Racism…. She did it 2 times already…

  • jonmorel

    monkies shouldn’t be allowed to play with human, good for caroline.

  • Kevin

    How about making fun of Serena being one of the greatest women to ever play tennis. Or how about making fun of her dominating her opponents. NOW THAT IS FUNNY

  • Some people…. will just try their HARDEST to be able to take offense at ANYTHING. “Racist?” Are you friggin’ KIDDING ME?

  • sethsf

    two words: christina hendricks

  • Williambecker

    I think maybe some black folk need to learn how to take a joke, cause we’re seriously over giving a sh*t that you’re insulted by light humor, or that you think everyone is racist. Get the F over yourselves! And by the way, she wasn’t making fun of the “bodies of black women”, she was making fun of Serena. Hope you’re smart enough to know the difference.


    To a Black EVERYTHING is racist and EVERYTHING revolves around being BLACK. All they have to do is scream RACISM and all the bleeding hear liberals start chanting with them. Sick and tired of their posturing for the MEDIA and the other IDIOTS who bow and scrape to their demands. How do you like that BRO or MF or whatever “dialect” is popular now–ooops–i guess that makes me a redneck racist

  • brickt

    Scrapping the barrel for racism these days. Get over it, white people don’t hate black people anymore. Now they just hate gays. And towel heads.

    • jpowers55

      They still hate us. They just have others to hate as well.


    She wasn’t mocking all black women, just one woman who is her friend and happens to be black. Lighten up people

  • WillWill

    I’m at a loss. Can somebody please explain to me the racist part?

  • Nokaoi

    Geez, people, Where is the racism here? She was imitating her ample figure for chrissakes. Everything doesn’t have to be about race.


    Why doesn’t she imitate Serena by winning a MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP. IBTCH couldn’t tell you what a major title feels or smells like. She got to # 1 by winning club titles.

  • Me

    This did not appear to me to be racist. It appeared to be good natured fun, taunting someone who would enjoy the taunt. There’s no malice in her face. I see no reason for anyone to be upset about this, ESPECIALLY if Serena Williams was not upset.

  • Christophe Tam

    how the hell is it racist? It was an impersonation of Serena Williams. SMH.

  • cracker lover

    blacks are the biggest racist out of all races. they will never let it go because they can easily hide behind the race card whenever it suits them.

  • Rob Long

    There is no racism here because she was not mocking the black race, she was mocking her friend.. Black people, you need to wake up, this over reaction to the Trayvon case and the seeking out of every opportunity to scream racism is backfiring.. You have cried wolf too many times now and nobody is listening because we see that in today’s society you have every opportunity that any other race has. Its nobody’s fault that you have the highest crime rates, the highest drug usage, the highest murder rates, the highest dropout rates, etc.. That is YOUR fault.. You need to own that or you will NEVER change your story. NOBODY cares anymore.

  • Cady

    waste of time, who cares??? guess you can’t have fun in sports anymore..America has become too soft and emotional..or maybe it’s just in tennis, IDK!!!

  • Gary Donald

    Here is TRUTH.

    The fact is after many decades of modern racial gentrification in urban areas, pacification by imprisoning young black males for very simple crimes which in turn is the unpleasant cause of not only deep resentment but also the modern societies concern for politically correct discourse and an aversion to actually engaging in substantive conversations about racial problems. This leads us all to an intense separation between people. We cordon off our societies concerns behind walls of doublespeak and innuendo so that any incident no matter how minor is blown out of proportion.

    Do we need to completely redefine our language to remove words such as “African-American” – Black – Brown – Negro so people are not offended? Or do we even need to put people behind a metaphorical wall created of our languages? Should we completely redefine what it is to be human? Using a racial epithet is merely the product of several simple processes gone wrong entirely by human misperception. Calling someone a tone of color is only noticing a difference, Not seeing how we are all alike. What that encompasses and what efforts we need to make to reach a complete racial harmony with one another?

    I do not think this incident was racist. There are differences between the races, physiologically and that cannot be changed or denied. By noticing differences and having an inaccurate language spoken or body language to express our ideologies we further the racial tension and distance between us all inadvertently.

    The fact is an entire brown skin toned human race has been unjustly distanced from other skin tones merely because we as a complete human race cannot express our differences without trying to one up each other. Which only furthers the tension between the HUMAN RACE.

    Think before you react and in time perhaps people can peacefully heal the problems caused by thousands of years of ignorance.