The 10 Worst Grills In Hip-Hop

-Lil Wayne Lil Wayne has a grill that's worth a reported $150,000. While the platinum and ...

-Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has a grill that's worth a reported $150,000. While the platinum and diamond teeth are permanent implants, Wayne recently had his bottom grill surgically removed before checking into Rikers Island prison.


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  • princess of tx

    Aww, why did yall have to include my boy Paul Wall!? And RIP to ODB, but he should have been on this list...

  • Ms_Ukraine

    Grillz are out of style anyway, but sometimes I think some of these rappers used them as braces to hide their real ugly teeth...As far as Paul Wall goes - I like his green grill, but the yellow - OMG! The color is too Fawked to have a grill for! C'mon - if he had been darkskin he can get away with that, but other than that that just makes him look like a white boy with nasty yellow teeth...Real talk

  • purple love

    Diddy lame and late as usual but dammmn gucci new mouth is gorgeous ima need to see his dentist N ewwww what is that on the side of flav's mouth

  • Vtalbert

    Fabolous really needs that chip tooth fixed how u gonna make all that money and walk around with ya tooth looking like that LmFaO!!!!!

  • Miss tahbee

    Flava flav looks like he had bad breath

  • Walter

    That deserves a definite good night in the morning.

  • durrr

    LIL FAme needs to be on this list. His grill looks uncomfortable.

  • Krissy

    Wtf!!! Why yall leave out Biz Markie???

  • dani

    KUDOS to 50cent for actually getting his teeth fix. it takes a lot of courage to admit your teeth are a mess and to get them fixed.

  • Nastyville

    You forgot to include Lil John.......

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