Cash Money Records To Begin Filming Movie Based On Glasses Malone Story

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GlassesMalone-757451 Cash Money Records Film and A New Hollywood Production, will begin filming a movie in ...

Cash Money Records Film and A New Hollywood Production, will begin filming a movie in January based on a story by rapper Glasses Malone.

The screenplay is written by Charles Penniman, and Malcolm M. Mays (Open Door). The producer is Darryl Lucky Rodgers (Assistant Director, S.W.A.T.: Fire-Fight). Executive Producer is Glasses Malone (“Sun Come Up” ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Birdman).

Jamie Garnett is associate producing under the Albert Mason Media LLC banner, along with the productionʼs director of photography, Carlos Mason (co-founder of Albert Mason Media LLC).

In the film, L.A.P.D. Narcotics Detective Richard Lasaro tracks the elaborate business dealings orchestrated by rapper, and drug kingpin, Glasses Malone. Under the command of an unforgiving Police Captain, with the fire power of a highly trained, but jaded S.W.A.T. team, Lasaro proceeds to organize the assaulting arrest of Malone, in the interest of finally shutting down Blu Divisionʼs illicit operations that are centered in south central Los Angelesʼ Watts district.

Deeply rooted professional, and personal moral conflicts ensue for Detective Lasaro, as he is eventually faced point blank with the truth about Blu Divisionʼs overwhelming influence and control in south central Los Angeles.


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  • Greeneyedbandit

    Have birdman said anything about they former female rap artist MAGNOLIA SHORTY gettin killed?Just wonderin.

  • Singerv

    Who is the director? Do they not know yet?

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