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Foxy Brown “Christmas Massacre” (Lil Kim Diss) [Full Audio]


A snippet of Foxy Brown’s “Christmas Massacre” diss leaked last week and now the final track has been released.

As previously reported, Foxy was supposed to premiere her diss on Christmas Eve but canceled because of a reported death in her family.

Now nearly a month later, DJ Kay Slay got a hold of the final track.

Listen to Foxy Brown’s Lil Kim diss below.

Is it a hit or miss?




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  • Dusty wig

    @ pink Friday LMFAO!! U a classic

  • coupe_22

    “I’m back looking like I left” …..YEAH BUT WORSE HOE!! STRAIGHT GARBAGE! TRY AGAIN

  • Gracie

    booooooooo… she aint ish. i’d rather hear kim n nicki go at it.
    sorry foxy ur time is #dun dun dun.

  • deon

    how did kim hate on nicki, when nicki copied her style with all the same color wigs and styles kim had almost 100%.. google lil kim/nicki minaj pics.. she is hatinv cuz nicki took her style as if it was her own.. when kim did all those things so no female could come and copy her to the t like nicki.. nicki does have talent, but using kims swag is not how you build you own legacy..she will go down as the copier of the century and on nicki’s “right thru me” when she says how do you do that ish, how do you, how do you.. didnt she rip that from alanis morisette old song from 96-97..

  • Bossy

    Fox spits that fire yo.. She killed Kim with this one

  • codine

    Is that really a picture of Lil Kim? It does not look anything like her. WTF?

  • cuteface

    Okay that was trash.. She couldn’t even call out an album she had to call out a song that Nas made hot… WTF!! She just shot herself with that BS..