Tupac Back: Hip-Hop Wired Interviews Tupac Look-A-Like Cedric Williams [Video]

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Tupac Back!!!

Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Tupac Shakur look-alike Cedric Williams at last weeks Tupac 40th Birthday Celebration in Atlanta.

Williams has taken part in several events before for Tupac's foundation and here he gives a little insight on himself.

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  • E

    yeah, dude resembles him.

  • plunta

    pac was uglier

  • Trinette_P

    That ni**a dont look like Pac...

  • lively09

    He could play Tupac, because most of the actors that played him did not look like him, and he looks more like him than they did.

  • tony cutl*****

    That ni**a don't look like pac. Yall dead wrong for interviewing this dude!!!

  • faebae

    i mean yeah of all the actors to play tupac... dude does resemble him! cant deny it!

  • Kay Ford

    Yall crazy...looks nothin like Pac

  • http://twitter Dont Play

    Dont Play he da best looking Tupac look alike out there

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