10 Flicks Of 2 Chainz Not Living Up to His T.R.U. Name [PHOTOS]

2 chainz

Billboard By now, everyone has settled into referring to Tity Boi as "2 Chainz." The rapper's ...

By now, everyone has settled into referring to Tity Boi as "2 Chainz." The rapper's early days were spent being 50% of DTP rap outfit Playaz Circle, before taking his show solo. Now it's 2012 and Mr. Chainz has taken over the game. The Atlanta rapper's bran new album Based On a T.R.U. Story is out today, the second glimpse into 2 Chainz's reinvented career (the other, for most besides the truly devoted of fans,  was his mixtape T.R.U. REALigion). 

So what exactly is a 2 Chainz? Taken literally, it means that he likes to rock, well, two chains. We have proof, though, that 2 Chainz isn't being entirely true to form. Sometimes he's wearing 20 chains, other times he's wearing none. It's all so confusing. Check out some flicks of 2 Chainz not representing the double chained life properly, by either having too much or too little. Stick to the correct number, Chainz, or else it's back to Tity Boi!


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    This is an unnecessary post, and my comment is unnecessary as well. Dumb

  • http://twitter.com/MissKillaGram Annie Oakley

    do these sites do any research he changed his name to 2 chainz cuz he has on at least 2 chains at all times and one of those is tatted on his chest smh

  • iMiLf

    I love 2chainz!!

  • Baller64

    stupid post

  • Ella

    I had no idea he was Tity Boi. Probably cuz i don't listen to his muSic tho *shrug*

  • http://twitter.com/LakeyjonesRoss DeuceBounce

    it aint that deep

  • b206

    This is a dumb post. Step it up...

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