J. Cole – "I'm A Fool" [LISTEN/DOWNLOAD]

J. Cole

J.Cole Now here's an unorthodox way to get your music to the masses. J. Cole previewed ...

Now here's an unorthodox way to get your music to the masses. J. Cole previewed "I'm A Fool" back in late August at Rock The Bells. After a break from Twitter (note: More of you rappers should really consider this), the Roc Nation MC was back on the Internets tonight. A fan asked when the aforementioned track would drop, and Cole emailed @SultanofSwatt the song, who in turned shared "I'm A Fool." Talk about a special delivery.

"I'm a fool, hundred thou[sand] to go to school, so much debt me and my momma damn near drowning in the pool," spits Cole. "The first to go to college, they say knowledge is the tool/But these hoes on campus make a young ni--a drool."

Many can relate. Cole graduated, though. Listen to and download "I'm A Fool" after the break.

[Spotted at Miss Info]

Download: J. Cole – "I'm A Fool"


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Photo: Hip-Hop Wired/Bernard Smalls

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004112316124 Mario Ardon

    Cole World No Blanket Son !!!

    • Remington Steele

      Take yo' dumb a$$ back to school asap!

  • Remington Steele

    Who ever is writing these blogs should strongly consider going back to school and re-take the following cl*****es, english, language arts, writing and reading. It's a damn shame that these so-called college graduates can't put a simple sentence together that makes since. I don't know how these dummies on this website (and the other one) ever made it through any level of school and actually succeeded.

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