Knowledge Of Self: 10 Rappers That Made Us Look Bad During Black History Month [PHOTOS]


lil-wayne-at-the-nba-finals It's been an interesting 28 days in the rap game. As if it weren't awkward ...

It's been an interesting 28 days in the rap game. As if it weren't awkward enough that Black History Month just happens to fall on the shortest month in the year, the reindeer games of some of your favorite rap stars over the last 28 days has done little to make the situation better.

Started in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, and later expanded, it seems that the rap world could care less about toning down the coonery in honor of Black History Month. Call it a disconnect to their own history, or reckless disregard, but imagine if rappers decided to keep it cool for the entire month, so as to not make the Black community look bad, or reinforce negative stereotypes.  Seems far-fetched, right? Yeah, we think so too.

In looking over some of the news stories Hip-Hop Wired has thrown up throughout this month, we've come to the conclusion that some could literally care less about Black History Month, or what it means. Because we offer you the best of all worlds (politics, music, culture, and more) we wanted to point out some of the interesting moves made by more than a few big names in the Hip-Hop world, and the their timing couldn't be more unfortunate. Take a look at 10 rappers who made us look bad during Black History Month.

We still have love for them, but there's no harm in a little criticism.

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    I think ja makesthe Jehovah witnesses community look bad...ijs

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