Cam'Ron's Birthday Party Included Strippers, Cape & Dame Dash [PHOTOS]

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camron bday party Cam'Ron has proven time and again that he is simply a different breed of Harlem ...

Cam'Ron has proven time and again that he is simply a different breed of Harlem individual. Killa's birthday was yesterday (February 4) and photographic, and video evidence, reveals that the required celebration included lap dances, the cape Cam has started rocking and even the participation of Roc-a-Fella Records founder Dame Dash. 

It turns out that Cam's fiancee, JuJu, is who let loose images of the debauchery on the Internets, according to Miss Info. Also, the den of iniquity that this all went down in was Cam'Ron's house.

It seems like Cam let Dame borrow his cape for his special moment with a highly athletic pole athlete. Turns out it was a woman named Mizhani Movement.

Peep the aforementioned footage and photos from the birthday party, and the talent, in the following pages.


Photos: Instagram

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  • tarrilove

    Stay humble kids.This is what happens when you act like smug as@hole. You end up working for and *****ociating with enemies. He used to beef with Jim Jones and Cam'ron. They were always talking smack about Jay-Z. At least these black men are getting along now. But still a lesson to be learned. You see the same people on your way up as you do on the way down.

    • KnowWhatYouSay

      Actually Dame, was the one who brought on Dipset and this is part of why he and Jay fell out. Also Jim Jones and Dame are co owners of Vampire Life clothing. They have been connected for a good while. Cam'ron has big money but he doesn't care about being in the limelight. He has many businesses.

  • taz

    looks a lil ummm....low budget

  • Babylon sista

    Cheap cheesy a$$ party. I've see better strippers at the damn grocery store!

    • APimp Named Slickback

      crystal like the champagne


    It seems like they had a lot of fun though!!

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Bangin Candy

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