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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg & Chuck D Clash On Twitter [Photos]


Last week, Chuck D had choice words on Twitter for Hot 97 and its annual Summer Jam concert event, taking aim at the popular station that claims to uphold Hip-Hop culture. The Public Enemy front man and Hot 97’s Ebro Darden had an exchange of words, which has now spilled over to the station’s Peter Rosenberg jumping into the fray.

Yesterday, Rosenberg responded on video to Chuck D’s Twitter assault on the station and his compatroits, with Ebro egging on the controversy as part of Rosenberg’s “The Realness” video segment. Giving props to Chuck D in the beginning of the clip, Rosenberg takes a dig at the veteran rapper saying, “No one elected you the president of Hip-Hop” while acknowledging his words would be upsetting to some.

Rosenberg didn’t end there, and he then challenged Chuck D on his current contributions to Hip-Hop. Rosenberg also took aim at Chuck D’s Twitter rants, calling them “confusing” at one point and said that he was “trolling” on the social media network.

Naturally, Chuck D unloaded another barrage of tweets to which Rosenberg gamely replied while retweeting support from his defenders. Hopefully the gentlemen involved can find a way to resolve this issue, but some are questioning Ebro and Rosenberg’s position and even have called it offensive.

Do you think Hot 97 is out of line, or is Chuck D beating a dead horse? Which side of the debate are you on? Let us know in the comments.

Hit the following pages to see the video of Rosenberg checking Chuck D and the tweets that ensued.

Photo: FayesVision.com/WENN

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  • Maitreya One

    He broke one of principles in the declaration of peace article layer down at the united nations he will and shall be taken care of period. You don’t disrespect the founders of our culture

  • Samantha J.

    Chuck D. was/is absolutely right. Hip hop has been bastardized and corrupted just for corporate greed
    Some don’t even realize it has happened or don’t want to admit that they are puppets. If anyone is the President of Hip Hop it’s more likely Chuck D because it’s definitely NOT Rosenberg. Such disrespect part of the problem.

  • bigdawgman

    Shoot, I’m just wondering why Chuck D waited so long? They have been killing hip hop for years. But honestly, I knew hip hop was bound to die back in the late 80’s with stuff like “Rappin’ Rodney.” Once the mainstream gets ahold of something and starts selling it, it’s all over. I’m just surprised it took this long. We had a great run though, 80’s and 90’s were the isht. RIP hip hop.

  • stacey

    i respect chuck d..but i don’t understand the logic…hot 97 use to be a groundbreaking station for nyc hip hop ..i get that…but as hip hop has grown more mainstream it seems that the station has made a natural progression to be more mainstream ..why would anyone thing that shouldn’t be the case. if i had the platform of chuck d or anyone of his status . i would use that influence to work toward a hip hop station for old school and advance listeners …every town i’ve been to has something like that for rnb. rock. even the pop stations..but no one has that for hip hop..its seems like aiming toward that makes more sense than complaining about a mainstream station that play mainstream music..hot97 is doing what it do..its up to us to provide an alternative if we want one.

  • Nia

    Mister Cee…hot 97 is nothin but c00ns!

  • PG King

    Chuck D is old.. Hip Hop sold out a long time ago. Where was Chuck when Flava started coonin’?

    • Kroiiil

      More like you are not old enough.

  • jihad livingston

    I feel what Chuck D is saying. I personally think hip-hop is gone What we have present day is a mutated form of rap, design to breed ignorance and destruction The era of intelligence in rap is gone never to return

  • Mike Donovan

    Cop out…… if the conscious movement took their MUSIC more seriously then this would not be happening. You elititis and righteous poser missed an opportunity to get with these kids the last 10 years. Rap moved away from sampling and you guys couldt hang. So we should remove them and have only white radio stations and 105.1. Why not petition them too. This is pure posturing and disgusting. People who are supposed to be “legit” are coin the monkey in the circus act……. OH YEAH AN AS USUAL FIGHTING AGAINST BLACK PROGRESS. SHould all the radio be white. You conscious clowns get over yourself and make better music. Its not just about your rhymes. All of you are at fault as artist because you allowed this to happen. You refused to fight because you say you were better. Cowards and elitists

  • KhalidX

    This Jew should be slapped in his mouth.