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Team Swirl: 18 Sisters Of Color Who Prefer White Men [Photos]


Photo: WENN

Diana Ross

The Queen of Motown is undoubtedly down…with the swirl. She married was married to Robert Ellis Silberstein and Arne Næss, Jr. who each fathered her two famous children, Tracee Ellis and Evan Ross, respectively.

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  • Travis

    Date who you like because life is short. But the funny thing is not one of these women will be called a sellout, but if they were black men, best believe the name calling would begin.

    • chase

      18 compared to hundreds of black male entertainers. So that ratio is a sign of SELF HATE INSIDE THE BLACK MAN. Most of these women were married to Blavk men and have 100% black children. That is the difference.

  • Shannon Sescoe

    This list is bullshit.

  • DRUNK247

    They are just selling out

    • The_Future_Prez #WOLFPACK

      Can’t knock what a woman chooses. You know the rules

  • MrAllen82

    Who cares the end results is LESS CAVE PEOPLE AND more black babies anyway, since black genes are dominant and ALL OTHER RACES ARE RECESSIVES!

    • The_Future_Prez #WOLFPACK

      Racism breeds hate

  • Carlos

    You forgot Rosie Perez.

    • tarrilove

      Rosario Dawson also shes the worst. Black men worshiped her too. In her hay day, all the rappers wanted her. But hunty she likes em Scandinavian white. Aryan white. She used to date the guy who played Samantha’s model boyfriend on S@x in the City.

      • U_gon_learn_Today

        She can date whoever she prefers. Tiger Woods has a strict ww diet and many other famous black men so are they “the worst?” She once dated jay and he must’ve treated her like trash. I don’t blame her.

  • Steve Stone

    Let them do what they want. I prefer women- black, white, latina, asian, tall, short, skinny, bbw. Shoot, I was in to milts, before there was such a thing.

    I can’t believe people take the time to worry about color. Live your lives ladies

  • Had2Respond

    Most of these women do not PREFER white men per se i.e. Halle Berry dated black men in her early years..Wesley Snipes, Christopher Wiliams, Dave Justice and Eric Benet to name a few and they all did her dirty.. Most of these women have children with black men in previous relationships..I would call this list open to interracial dating.

    • The_Future_Prez #WOLFPACK

      And Michael Erly and another dark bruh about 5 years ago

    • chase

      Thank you. Most of these women have 100% black children and were in the past with black men!



      • U_gon_learn_Today

        and black men are always the common denominator in most failed relationships



        NOW TRY AGAIN, BYTCH. …..

      • Andrew Chatman aka DAYWALKER



      • U_gon_learn_Today

        Black men are the most divorced men regardless of their wife’s race

  • tarrilove

    Ugh sorry but a bunch of these women are mixed. So they are half white anyway. Also you should love whomever makes you happy. But some of these women like Garcielle and Stacy Dash want to be white so bad. Garcielle is so proud of her Haitian heritage. Much in the same way as black hispanics. It’s oh im not black, im Haitian. She never misses a opportunity to show you how white looking her kids are. They are adorable, but I wonder if she would have all these photo ops if they were brown skin with nappy hair. Because you never see her with her oldest son who is black and dark skin. IJS

  • correction

    And most these women get dirt dogged by their wm. Ppl like to portray bm as cheaters but wm do it more and better believe that

    • brian

      white men don’t cheat with neighborhood hooez, theey cheat with prostitutes or females with something to lose if it gets out. A black dude will cheat with the neighbor, that’s why it seems like we cheat more when we dont

      • U_gon_learn_Today

        so in other words bm are more sloppy and disrespectful with your ish. Shocker!

      • brian

        I can agree with that to some point. But don’t say blacks cheat more than white cause that’s not true.

    • U_gon_learn_Today

      But their black men treated them even worse! Perfect example: Hallle Berry. She was beaten and cheated on repeatedly by black men. Her white baby daddy may not be too great but he was no where as horrible as Wesley Snipes, Christopher Williams, Daivd Justice, and Eric Benet…they treated her like sh!t.

      • brian

        we don’t know that, we know what she said. Stop thinking we (as the public) KNOW the real details of celebrity relationships cause we dont

  • http://www.yatich.blogspot.com/ Brian Yatich

    ain`t nobody got time for that

  • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

    Please keep in mind that Miss Halle Berry is 50%+ white and her daughter is 75%+ white. I included the “+” sign because the average % of white blood in African Americans is 22%. Google it.

    • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

      You don’t own Miss Halle Berry (just like you do our President) just because 22% of your ancestors were sl@ve owners. P.S. Only 2% of white Americans have ancestors who were sl@ve owners. Hey, I’m just sayin’.

      • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

        If the 1% rule still applies, hook me up with 1% Black blood so I can put a check in the “Black” box on all my college applications, loan applications, fire/police officer exams, government contracts, etc etc etc Yippee!!!!! Life is good. Oh yeah!

      • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

        And I can tell all the gals down at the pub that I’m a Black man. Livin’ in H E A V E N baby! Oh Yeah! Damn.