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Bishop Eddie Long

Fat Daddies: 8 Preachers Who Got Paid Spreading Word [Photos]


Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar has long been under the scrutiny of the IRS with a lear jet, an Atlanta mansion and a Rolls Royce all at his disposal. When asked to reveal his financial records he wouldn’t do it unless he was subpoenad.

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  • Mia C

    This site is getting horribly ungodly. Your souls are at risk. Promoting prostitut3s and drug abusers, plus all the ghey stuff and then finding any reason you can to bring down the church.

    If you look at history — the black church created more great leaders and was responsible for educating and freeing the slaves. Everything from abolition to the Civil Rights movement came straight from the black churches.

    It’s the entire reason blacks learned to read and were then able to liberate themselves. And today, the black church is about the only positive influence we see.
    We’ve gained a few sketchy black celebs but lost all the small black businesses and doctors we used to have everywhere — the real black culture is being lost.

    If a person gets help from the church, they often turn their life around. When they get on the gov’t dole they turn into a one parent house with a fatherless brood of future jail birds.

    This site — is really backwards. You’re part of the problem.

    • bitchtychic

      LOL!!! -_-

    • Jay Lamont


    • Say What?

      There are plenty of frauds in the church. The longer people try to deny and look past it the more it’ll ruin the image of it and this is coming from someone who is no longer religious. Stop trying to protect these thieves and pimps. There has been far more than enough evidence to show that these people don’t truly care about anyone, but themselves.

  • Oakland

    Thank you for revealing these devils in the pulpit. We are truly living in the last days. The Bible warns us of false prophets, and how you will know them is when they preach prosperity instead of doom.

  • chickenwangs

    Can’t stand that g@y fraud Eddie Long!

    • Jay Lamont


  • bitchtychic

    I wish more black people would read into our history.
    Understand how christianity was used to control us.
    How can you.believe this nonsense? This white jesus? Man my people are lost, they really did a number on us.
    Wake up people!!!!

  • Jay Lamont


  • SMH