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Kanye West Says He Likes “The Silhouette” Of His Givenchy Kilt…Skirt [VIDEO]


Kanye West  caused a bit of a stir when he rocked a Givenchy kilt (we say skirt, and will explain why, later) at the 12.12.12 Concert to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. However, Yeezy’s fashion accessory was old news to Hip-Hop heads since he wore it previously during the Watch The Throne tour. Recently released backstage footage show’s the rapper/producer figuring out the proper kilt wearing swag.

In the video, Yeezy is seen consulting with a stylist and others in the room about the proper way to rock the kilt skirt.

But first, according to the experts at…Wikipedia, kilts are  “a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century.” Being that, as far as we know, Kanye West does not have any Scottish ancestors with a family tartan to its name, that’s a skirt.

Back to the video; the stylist, Weezy and his tour manager Don C discuss what’s the best way to rock the black leather, Riccardo Tisci designed skirt. Although the “Touch The Sky” rapper is seriously contemplating his look, it’s hilarious seeing him get his Zoolander on in front of the mirror. Also, the stylist makes an unintentionally comedic faux pas.

After West says how much he’s feeling his outfit (“I just like the silhouette, it’s really modern,” he says), the stylist/seamstress says, “If you like this, I can make the next…the other skirt like this, or keep this…”

“It’s called a kilt,” someone is heard softly saying off camera. Hey, she said kilt. Just saying.

Kudos to West for being comfortable in rocking whatever you choose to call that. To each his own. Tell us what you think of Kanye West’s fashion sense in the comments.

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  • Gabbs

    it depends on what the designers call it. It doesn’t matter if kanye doesn’t have scottish ancestors. If Hubert Givenchy titled it as a kilt, then that is what it is.

  • Nikki

    You people are idiots!!! You have no clue what is ancestory is so that is one problem and the next is clearly he is secure enough in his manhood to rock it and he has been rocking it for a while, so you all really need to just have a seat, call it what you want, it won’t bother him he will still wear it, if you need controversy for hits then hey go ahead but you look ignorant doing it, get out in the world and open your minds and stop being mice in a box and little limited small minded people.


    secure enough in his manhood to rock a skirt… SMDH… the excuses you gays make for FAWKERY… It’s a SKIRT DAMN IT! There’s nothing secure in one’s manhood to justify wearing women’s clothing and pretending it’s not… He’d be more secure if he just came out already.. SHEESH… you too WAYNE