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Wale Comes To Miguel’s Defense After Kelly Clarkson Comments At Grammys [VIDEO]


Kelly Clarkson caused a bit of a stir at the Grammys while accepting the award for Best Pop Vocal Album. While seemingly inebriated, the singer praised artists in attendance while lightheartedly dissing Miguel.

“Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together. I mean, good God. That was the se*iest damn thing I’ve ever seen,” she exclaimed after winning the award. While many may have written off the comments as jest, others have taken offense including Wale. The MMG rapper defended his “Lotus Flower Bomb” collaborator while speaking up for Hip-Hop at the Grammys as a whole.

“I didn’t like the Kelly Clarkson back-handed comments to Miguel. I didn’t like that at all,” Wale told MTV after the show. “I just feel like our urban music is belittled, a little bit. Not trying to offend nobody on the committee, but for a record as big as ‘Adorn,’ and it to not be presented as a real performance onstage; it was almost like a segue to an award. Again, I don’t want to offend anybody on the committee, but that wasn’t a very good representation of our music because ‘Adorn’ is gonna be around for the next 30 years.”

After the show, Clarkson and Miguel posed for a picture to seemingly show no hard feelings. Coincidentally, the two are label mates on RCA Records. If the Stronger singer didn’t know who Miguel was before, its a sure bet that she knows now.

You can check out the former American Idol winner’s Grammy acceptance speech after the jump.

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  • That wasn’t even a dis at all though. She had never seen him before and thought he was dope, Wale needs to stop being vicariously oversensitive.

    • wooooooooooooooooord! a lot of folks got up in arms about that. it wasn’t even remotely close to being a diss. half of the folks in the urban category maybe didn’t know who Miranda Lambert was. just because WE know Miguel, doesn’t mean everybody else does/should. let’s step out of our box for a minute.

  • Tajo

    It was not a Direct Diss. But it was belittling, and an embarassement, especially on Clarkson’s part! She didnt mean it as a diss – but it adheres to the fact that white people are sometimes in their own bubble, whilst the rest of us and our culture play 2nd fiddle.

    • ASingleRose

      What a load of crap! Everything has to be about race, doesn’t it?

  • Tajo

    That awkward thing White Folk do, where a compliment, is mixed in with an insult!

  • ASingleRose

    Hate to break it to Wale, but the same people who don’t know who Miguel is don’t know who Wale is either. So he can be as offended as he wants. It appeared to me that Kelly was a little surprised that she had no idea who he is, because she found him to be quite amazing, so much so that she hopes they get to collaborate together. That to me should be taken as a compliment, not an insult. If Miguel is unknown it’s because his handlers aren’t making sure his music is getting out there!