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Surprise, surprise; Cash Money Records is being sued. The record label is named in a $600,000 lawsuit over a Bow Wow song that illegally samples a song from 70’s group the Persuaders, allegedly.

TMZ reports:

The septuagenarian behind the lawsuit is Robert Poindexter from the 70s band The Persuaders.

Poindexter claims Cash Money sampled his band’s song “Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)” and illegally lifted the tune in Bow Wow’s 2010 track “Still Ballin.”

As for “Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)” — the song was recorded in 1972 and reached the top of the charts … and Poindexter says neither Cash Money nor Bow Wow ever obtained permission to sample it. 

Reportedly Poindexter reached out to Bow Wow’s people first, only to be sent to Cash Money. However, Cash Money only referred him back to Bow Wow, so now he’s basically suing everybody.

Poindexter has already sued Kanye West and 50 Cent for similar circumstances. That said, be weary if you’re a producer and trying to use a Persuaders sample. Also, pay up.

Photo: TMZ



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