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Robber Breaks Into Woman’s Apartment, Demands She Cook Him A Meal


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—even if that man happens to be robbing you. Police in Santa Ana, Calif. are on the hunt for a robber who broke into a couple of apartments Monday, and demanded that one victim cook for him.   With both apartments in the same complex the man hit the first location to steal a $100, before returning hours later.

According to authorities, the man entered the first apartment through an unlocked door, at around 7 a.m. He took the money from the resident’s purse, while she slept, and is said to have “calmly fled” the scene after a run-in with the woman’s son.

Six hours later he  forced his way through the window of the second location, where he stayed for roughly three hours. During that time, he held his second victim hostage demanding that she cook him a meal, while he got high. “The victim in fearing for her safety complied with the suspect’s demands to cook for him while the suspect ingested narcotics,” police said in a statement.

As if making her feed him wasn’t crazy enough, he left the apartment, on the woman’s Schwinn Beach Cruiser bicycle.

The suspect is still at large but authorities have released a sketch in his likeness. Anyone with information on the case  is asked to call 855-84-622 or 14-245-8345.


Photo: Santa Ana Police Dept.

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