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Morris Chestnut To Play Marvel Comics Character Black Panther?


Fans of the sprawling Marvel Comics universe have showed their support for the live-action adaptations for the big screen. One of the films rumored to come down the pipeline featured African superhero, the Black Panther. There has been speculation over who would play the lead, and there is evidence that actor Morris Chestnut may have landed the role. 

As reported by i09.com, Chestnut took to social media with a tweet and Facebook photo of the iconic Panther character with a caption reading, “It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character!” Although Marvel Studios has yet to confirm the news, fans are most certainly wondering if the 44-year-old Chestnut will assume the role of T’Challah, the namesake of the African leader and hero.

Curiously, the photo, tweets and Facebook posting have all been deleted although a quick scan of Chestnut’s Twitter timeline reveals he’s at least been talking about the character.

“Not final. #BlackPanther may be in #avengers2 first. RT @jamaal91604133: @Morris_Chestnut Can’t wait to see this movie. #BlackPanther,” read the exchange.

Film producer and Marvel Studio’s President of Production Kevin Feige has previously stated that his company thought that trying to bring Black Panther’s mythical African nation, Wakanda, to the big screen would not be an easy task. However, as i09 wisely noted, they pulled off Asgard, the “home of the Gods.” in the film Thor.

Although Chestnut has played physical characters over the course of his career, there may be other actors better suited for the role. Wesley Snipes, fresh out the bing, has experience in this after playing Marvel’s half-human/half-vampire, Blade.

Photo: Marvel Comics

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  • thnx for teh updat Mr chandler..:) And yes an array of better suited actors could play T’Challa better than morris! so i hope marvel when they are ready consider this and maybe even try some new actors as well( me):P

  • Snipes is DEFINITELY too old. If not Chestnut, gotta be somebody younger, and (unlike Idris Elba for instance) not used elsewhere in the MCU. Lance Gross maybe? He gotta be a knowledge seed or else you’ll have me as mad as everyone was about Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone.

  • ironkong

    michael jai white is the obvious choice

  • Na Djimon Hounsou is the man for this role… Hope I spelt his name right