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Chuck Woolery Melts Down Over His Hatred For Muslims & Their Terrorist Religion [PHOTOS]


On any given day there are tons of things swirling around in Chuck Woolery’s head. Those topics include, which Love Connection episode of himself he loves best, which is the best suit to have steamed and waiting in case Love Connection asks him back, and how to express his undying hatred for Muslims…because they’re all terrorists!

Woolery is a conservative (which didn’t mean anything to us, but he’s the one who brought it up, so we had to mention it) and because of his political views, he has to spew hate. Why? Well for one thing, “the truth is always offensive to some.”

The self-proclaimed “political activist,” put Muslims on blast (no pun) today. As he sees it, all Muslims are terrorists, because all terrorists are Muslims. Sounds tricky, but he followed up his doctrine with proof: “Who are all these people who have been attacking us since the twin towers All these attempts at terrorism. Times Square,Detroit plane, Boston.”

Hmmm…good point.

Oh, but wait there have been mass acts of violence all over this country that have had nothing to do with Islam. As a matter of fact, we’ve been reporting on them all year. Not sure what he thinks, but when someone opens fire on classrooms FULL of innocent children, that is nothing short of a TERRORIST.

But maybe Chuck Woolery doesn’t always have time to watch the news. Who knows.

Check out some of his glorious Tweets below.


Photos: Twitter

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  • Bored With Mediocrity…

    The man does have a point… can’t argue with facts

    • tankreeper

      America must be a country of Muslims if his facts are valid. Columbine, Aurora, Connecticut, the Jim Crow south, constant drone attacks on OTHER countries. GTFOHWTB

      • Bored With Mediocrity…

        …you’ve just proven my point.

      • Joan Rivers

        “…you’ve just proven my point.” ???

        Columbine, Aurora, and Connecticut terrorist acts where committed by Muslims?

        Chuck, what are you doing on this site? Go on a date or somethin.

      • jimmy

        it has one too many

  • Two n Two

    Racist actions against non whites have always been committed by whites. Chuck Woolery is white……so…….Chuck Woolery committs racist acts: Woolery Logic

  • justaskme

    He’s absolutely right. This tradition of sneak attacks dates back to the 7

  • Jadoremoi143

    If all Muslims are terrorist than all white Catholics are pedophiles and all white Christians are wicked, enslaving people and destroying an entire race… please…

  • Rashida


  • rainbow

    If Y then Z. Z. Just because you have Z does not mean Y, but if you have Y, you will definitely have Z.

    • jimmy


  • Ebony Davitt

    The best thing I’ve heard so far to describe a Muslim Terrorist (by a Muslim) is that these terrorists are our Westboro Baptist Church. Most Muslims have no interest in what they stand for.

  • jimmy

    B>S< he's right and you know it.

  • muslima

    Niggaz are 2 stoopid to realize truth when they hears it

  • Another biased and racist fool.

  • InvestMattA

    I’m sure he would have been a Naziphobe back in the 1940’s. Islam is not a race. It’s a totalitarian, supremacist ideology. No one says that ‘all Muslims are terrorists.’ That’s not the point. The point is that the more devout the Muslim, the more likely he or she is to have no affinity for America or its values. We should thus ban Islamic immigration into the US because we don’t need it. Not all Muslims are evil. But Islam is evil. We don’t need them here.

  • Wow, this is amazing. So, Chuck Woolery is on Twitter?

  • It is obvious that many posters here never bothered to read the tweets.
    Chuck Woolery never said, “all Muslims are terrorists”. He never even
    closely inferred it in any of his tweets. A completely disingenuous

    If you have to lie to make your point… sad.

  • DB

    Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.

  • biffula

    Way to go Wools. I love me some Woolery. Love it when someone speaks the truth that all the sheeple are too afraid too these days.