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Bangin Candy: The Stunning Salvadorian Victoria Rose [PHOTOS]


Hip-Hop Wired is an equal opportunity supporter of beautiful women, and we spread that love whenever we receive the opportunity. With that said, we’d like to pay homage and introduce you to a beauty of Salvadorian descent named Victoria Rose.

While she’s less curvy than the previously featured Bangin Candy Cubana Lust, Rose compensates for what she lacks in caboose with her stunning looks, though she’s certainly curvy in her own right. From what we understand, she was born in California, but bred in the Lone Star state and currently calls Houston her home. There, she’s a jack of all trades in a way, who has her hands in everything from modeling to event hosting.

So far, photos of Rose have been featured in magazines like Show and sites like Dynasty Series. Expect to see a lot more of her, because her star is just rising in these digital streets. See more photos of Rose in the gallery below, and check her out on your favorite social networks: @victoriarrrose.

Photo: Doss Tidwell, Instagram, Dynasty Series

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  • CharlieSeattle

    On a scale of 0 to 10….7

  • srv2963

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!That is some sweet jungle booty!!!!!!!!!

  • sane

    you have a very different opinion of stunning than I. I call it fat.

  • keyslammer

    I see people like this and think what they will look like in 20 years. This woman is going to be 300 pounds without a doubt. Lets see how much “posturing” she does then. Let go of some of the ego and get started thinking realistically.

  • There is the distinct stink of skank in here. AGAIN.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    what’s so “banging” about her??
    where’s the “eye candy”???
    this b! tch looks like a stank-corner-bodega-sl ut
    absolutely NOTHING about her worth even mentioning
    she probably FU CKED her way into this d@amn “write-up”

  • Cleareye

    Whatever happened to real people?

  • MikeC

    WTF Ever… I would eat her up!

  • No Skanks Please

    Looks like a perfect host for a STD….

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    tranny lol

  • Scott Turner

    I thought she was just run of the mill…. til I got to photo #15! I about blew a gasket! WOW! I LOVE those curves!

  • anon

    Ewww! Gross! Looks like these pictures were plucked from the tranny ads on Craigslist Miami!

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  • Bill Smith

    She used to do the donkey show south of the border!

  • Sagesteve

    Oh pleeeeease! Legs are waaaay too short. Soso good looking and awfully chunky.

  • laughing at you


  • Sambo Caesar

    Something smells fishy here.

  • Olga Kim

    Extreme narcissism is the new black, and the word “stunning” is used to loosely these days, cheapens the real meaning. Good day.

  • disqus_ucIWLiTToR

    We gots hookers better lookin than that walkin down Florida Ave…

  • Mr. White

    They are all too dark. Do you have any lighter ones here?