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12 Rappers Who Got Robbed For Their Chains


“Never been robbed, never got my chain took,” raps T.I. on “Aye Aye.” Unfortunately, plenty of rappers couldn’t say that line without being liars.

They way rappers put so much emphasis on their gaudy chains, it should be surprise that stick up kids would scheme on liberating a rapper of his shines. History has shown that plenty of artists have been caught slippin’. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, urban legends about so and so from the hood rocking your favorite chain is not enough. Nowadays that prized chain will be shown off by the thief online.

Not the best look if you’re trying to avoid an indictment, but that common sense and thievery rarely go hand in hand. With news of 2 Chainz allegedly getting robbed, it made us recall 12 examples of rappers who got their chains stolen. Consider this a warning, because anyone can get got–chain snatching is on the rise in BK, after all.

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  • Taras T-Jilla Brandon

    yall forgot the g unit spinner in Chicago…. shame on yall

    • HEELawrence

      YES !…
      The Game – “300 Bars” says that…

  • RIPDunk

    Them ain’t Waka’s…the Gumby was his and he GAVE it to his protege Slim Dunkin…Waka still got his other chains

  • Seph

    Don’t Forget Method man got his chain took years ago, Pac and The Outlawz returned it back to him..

  • that dude with Wakas chains is Wakas homeBoy….he locked up right now…

  • Christopher_Hitchens


  • Mookie jig

    Ooo dem coloreds be wilding