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DJ Khaled Talks Nicki Minaj Proposal, Doesn’t Mention He’s Married [LISTEN]


DJ Khaled proposed publicly to Nicki Minaj last week, and spoke more on his actions in a recent interview. This is as good a time as any to mention that DJ Khaled is already married.

The DJ and We The Best exec spoke to Power 106’s DJ Felli Fel about the proposal, and pretty much kept in character. “I just had to be honest man, I always liked her, she’s my friend of course. I liked her, it’s more than a crush…,” said Khaled. “She out there hustling and I respect. I feel that I can take of her.”

Nevertheless—unless they recently broke up—Khaled is married, we think, to Nicole Tuck. The couple was spotted at the 2012 Grammy Awards (see below) and here, too. Interestingly, she was credited as a “spiritual advisor” on his 2010 Victory album and also earned a Master’s Degree from Fordham University.

Peep the Felli Fel interview with Khaled below. Oh yeah, DJ Khaled’s new album, Suffering From Success, is due out September 24.


Photo: MTV News

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  • Pedro Martinez

    He’s a mUslim so he can have more than one wife.

    • Dont

      He’s not Muslim, and being Muslim isn’t the same thing as being a polygamist.

      • YesIdid

        it’s not the same thing but it is allowed provided the man loves and provides equally for his (up to four ) wives, which if you think about it is impossible. But many try.

      • Cindy Lu

        I know someone whose Muslim and he has 3 wives. He provided (purchased) a home for each one, so they have never lived under one roof. The clincher, he married 2 in Africa and 1 here in the United States back in the 70’s.
        The women are African and well aware of one another.

      • HabibtiKhalisa

        He’s definitely a Muslim. He wears a chain with “Allah” on it, and admitted to being a Muslim after the controversy over that “Arab Money” remix song.

  • getyolife

    Some men so stupid,,,,

  • channing

    Nicki dont marry him he hates he just want to marry u because he likes your booty.

  • channing

    Nicki i lov u i am big fan.

    • channing

      I am 9yrs old i am cute .

  • 1st Amendment User

    This is a bad publicity stunt

  • guest™

    lol ok so he likes her ? , he sounds more like he is describing a flashy
    new car he has fallen hard for … lets faces it he just wants a real
    life blow up s£x doll , hence he would never leave his wife to entertain
    this crush as he calls it .

  • new world

    This is nothing , stupid, a stunt and disrespectful to his marriage.

  • Blessed

    This is one of the corniest stunts and to top it off they are adults. I miss the 90s early 2000s. What’s happening. I miss the bad boy era, even death row lol. Anything but this nonsense.