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Bangin Candy: Miami’s Caramel Delight Sidney Dean [PHOTOS]


Nothing trumps a pretty face. We don’t care if your waist level assets are outstanding. For proof, see this stunning Florida-based stunner named Sidney Dean, our latest Bangin Candy.

Not to be confused with Wesley Snipe’s legendary character from the 1992 classic film White Man Can’t Jump, this beauty is a long way from the sunny streets of southern California. Dean is actually pretty accessible since she’s based in Miami Beach home and bartends at the premium nightclub Mokai Lounge.

Just one look from the caramel-complected looker could make the most confident man react like Blankman. That’s nothing to be ashamed about, by the way.

And this isn’t to say that Dean doesn’t have a shapely body. Despite her petite frame, she certainly has numerous things to admire from the neck down as well.

Hit the following pages to see photos what we’re talking about. You’re welcome.

Photo: Instagram, J. Rivera,

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  • jake from state farm

    No chance for a regular guy… Damn she’s beautiful

    • Dubsco

      not with that attitude fam….you probably need to lose the khakis though, Jake.

    • Frank F

      The only shot a regular guy has with her is if he wins millions in the lottery. She will pretend to love you for the right amount of cash and gifts.

    • You niccas need to stop putting b!tches on a high pedestal. this issh is disturbing!

      • Dubsco

        real talk…

  • Aren Picasso

    She would be so much more fine if she wasnt blk

  • Soul Dawg

    She is fine, (even though she’s black) you racist prick.

    Anyways, what the chicks saying is right – if you think you can’t get her you never will. She’s probably with some regular dude who just happens to have game..happens all the time (look at NM)

    • hsc179

      Game is why these b!tches end up being just baby mamas.

  • Van Basten

    Chicks like this are far more gorgeous than any Victoria Secret model. Damn.