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Yay Or Nay?: Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour Merchandise Features Confederate Flag [PHOTOS]



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  • Treezus

    Is this what Kanye West meant when he told Zane he was the future of fashion? If so, then all those little gas stations in Alabama and Mississippi who sell these t-shirts are the future of fashion stores.

  • Jesus

    So “genius”


    Hahahaha edit the truth… MEDIA!!! You know Kanye is ignorent! Look up the actually history, not what the side who won told you to believe! HISTORY will tell you that the War of Northern Agression (Civil War) was NOT about slavery but about tariffs and taxes on the southern people. Black men fought for the Confederacy bc they wanted too.. HISTORY look it up

    • cabman86

      Another smart one! Lookitup is right about why the states fought. It was about the same thing that is going on now with our government trying to own us when it is we that own them

  • Trish

    More power to him! I disagree with him on alot of things, but I am against silencing the ideas of others. It’s a flag. It’s symbolic of many things, but ultimately it can’t hurt anyone. It’s healthy to discuss controversial things, and it’s healthy to debate them until the truth becomes clear. Personally I think West stereotypes people just as much, if not more than everyone else, but if he wants to raise the debate, good for him. Lets just make sure it’s an honest discussion…not a hate fest.

  • Its all ugly and demonic looking. Who buys this stuff??