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It’s cool that Outkast are reuniting and all but fans looking for a progressive sound with a southern jolt need not to look any further than Tallahassee, Florida collective, After The Smoke. Consisting of Rob Coin and producers Soft Glas and Day G., they mix sparse instrumentation with funk, R&B and cerebral lyricism that likens them to the boys of Idlewild.

Comparisons aside, After The Smoke have their own story to transcribe and it has bled through their music as they’ve steadily built an audience since making a name for themselves with the single, “Typical Weekend” in 2010.

The elusive musicians may drop music without a moment’s notice but there’s no denying the consistency. At the type of 2012, they were embroiled in a custody battle for one of their own songs, “OIAM (One In a Million)” with YouTube’s strict copyright policy. The kicker was the beat for “OIAM” was given to Yelawolf years prior and after taking his time with the track, he released it in the form of “Far From a B***h.” After the drama subsided, ATS were able to re-upload their video, which has since been viewed over a million times.

Which brings us to the present day. The general public prefers their experimentation in small doses so ATS is making a simple as humanly possible with their Microwaves EP. Like the thespian he prides himself to be, Rob Coin also lists “videographer” on his resumé, and he takes full advantage of his own career with the singles, “Wallstreet” and “Moments.”

The cryptic “Wallstreet” visual is right below and jump over to the next page to check out “Moments” which should work wonders for hemophobes.

Catch all this and more on Microwaves, dropping December 4.

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Photo: YouTube

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