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Jim Jones’ Fiancée Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Hospitalizing A Woman


Free advice: Don’t get into Chrissy Lampkin‘s personal space. Jim Jones’ fiancée and the co-star of VH1’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones was arrested early Sunday morning (December 29) in New Jersey for allegedly beating a girl so bad that the victim needed stitches.

Reports TMZ:

Edgewater PD tells TMZ … Lampkin was popped around 2:30 AM for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct … we’re told it was bad enough that the victim required hospitalization. She was bloodied and doctors had to stitch up the area above her eye.

This wasn’t pure theatrics … cameras were NOT rolling.

As for what started the fight … we’re told Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone. Sounds like self defense to us.

Lampkin was released a few hours later … after her fiancee Jim Jones bailed her out.

We gotta hear both sides, though.

That Vamp life that Mr. Jones and the future Mrs. Jones tout is real. The surely forthcoming lawsuit will be, too. Peep Lampkin’s mugshot on the flip.

Photo: TMZ

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  • Yvonne

    That gal probably deserved it…the club scene is so disrespectful these days…that gal must of came at Chrissy and Chrissy ain’t got time for that…

  • sparky086

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  • Lioness

    Why is a 40+ woman in the club fighting??? Over a seat??? She is an embarrassment to herself. No education, no class, and clearly no self control (or esteem). Beauty fades but ugly is deep.


    Chrissy aint no joke

  • Shakorah’ Nurell

    What is it called when you are trying to come out with a clothing line and you rent out a space to work at like Chrissy and Mr Jones did for their VampLife & LadyVamp line? Is it called a showroom? I know its like a stock room but at the sametime its kinda like where they do all the work and it looked as if it was in a basement. What is it called? Someone email me @