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Dwyane Wade’s Alleged Bottom Heavy Baby Mama Sandrina Schultz [PHOTOS]


UPDATE (December 31 @ 2:15pm): D. Wade’s baby mama is Aja Metoyer.

Dwyane Wade probably had a bad day yesterday (December 30). News broke that D. Wade was the father of a new baby boy. This is all good but it turns out the new seed isn’t with his fiancée, Gabrielle Union, but with a woman named Sandrina Schultz. 

Of course, Sandrina had already,allegedly, been yapping to the press (read: gossip sites) about her come up; telling one earlier year about Wade’s supposed orgy exploits. Also, the 29-year-old had an affair with Lamar Odom and spoke to Star magazine about his drug use.

Getting impregnated and carrying an NBA superstar’s child to full term is like hitting the lotto in jump off circles, just saying. Now we’re not going to pretend that we give any f-cks about what Sandrina has to say, that’s her and her baby daddy’s, and whoever she snared’s, business.

However, we gotta admit that Wade’s side chick is easy on the eye. Add to that equation the fact that this woman is packing a mean onion; we just had to track down photos of her. Which we are now sharing with you. You’re welcome.

Check out photos of Dwyane Wade’s baby mama Sandrina on the following pages.



Photos: Instagram

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  • MsCreative1

    Turkey base baby!

    • Steve Chambers

      I see many women in South America with asses huge like that.Are they natural or silicone?

      • MsCreative1

        Some are! Some hooked up with “Fix-a-flat booty doctor” LBVS

      • Charisse A Hill

        Hers is definitely enhanced. It doesn’t even look real.

      • michael

        ARE ACTUALLY REAL,most women complextion is real, based on background mix, so yes is real,even when colombia has reputation of lots of surgery women really take of the bodies based on most of natural food not proccessed like us here

  • room2roam

    i luv how n*gg@s skeet in these h0ez & then get mad cuz they pregnant. use a condom n!gg@!!! its just as much his fault as it is hers

    • UdonNo


      • Christina

        Wait until you see that chunk of cash she’s about to carve off for herself. Oh, yeah, and the kid.

      • UdonNo

        pusssy that good is worth it!

      • Christina

        He could buy the entire Mustang Ranch in Nevada for less than that nookie is going to cost him. In 18 years he could easily be broke. Many just like him are.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        Yep. It’s all good til the n!99a goes BROKE. We’re talking MILLIONS of dollars EVERY YEAR. Those millions ADD UP. Those n!99as wind up going BROKE.

    • Raphael

      You don’t need a condon, just put it in that other hole! This is nature’s birth control!!

      • Aang


      • E.G.

        You are fool! I’m lmao.

    • Aang


  • Bella

    That butt looks scary. Jump offs only come up is a child support check

    • Aang


  • NA NA

    She’s gonna be on a corner in Chicago with a cardboard sign- “My baby daddy is NBA star Dwayne Wade and I’m homeless”. At least that’s what the ex-wife did!

    • hatetoregister

      Except that the ex-wife had just received a $5 million dollar settlement. The ex doesn’t have custody of the kids – he does. However, she wanted MORE than the $5 million he gave her! She is CRAZY!

      • Mrs_A

        He probably fight for custody of the baby to

      • hatetoregister

        I would! Why not? He has money and time.

      • Mrs_A

        I meant that in a good way seeing that he has custody of his other children its only right he have all them together.

  • JohnEightThirtyTwo

    “Dwyane Wade’s Alleged Bottom Heavy Baby Mama”? You mean, “Dwyane Wade’s Bottom Heavy Alleged Baby Mama”

  • Christina

    Damm she’s a double bagger.

  • vern vern

    What he did was Wrong Wrong Wrong but I can understand it!
    I must say the butt is big but wow look at those feet.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      I notice how the PHAT BUTTS and/or T!TS on these women do not match the rest of the body ….. #FAKE

  • vern vern

    He better call Maury show!!!

  • Eric Matterson

    She looks better than Gabby

    • jay

      that’s a damn lie…

      • Eric Matterson

        On second thought, you are right. I got a good look at her grill on google.

      • Aang


  • April Calloway

    Funny how they always seem to think they are really doing something being a side ‘show’. Stay classy

  • Michele A. Yates

    My thing is any woman can be your “baby mama”, but when a man thinks enough of you to be his “wife” – that says something about the way he feels about you! IJS!

    • BlackDickisaDetriment

      These women purposely get pregnant. duh. They have ulterior motives. The dark ones from the hood are crazy, lonely, broke, busted and disgusted. These light chicks are using what they got to make a come up. If only these dumb negroes would stop busting and these broken women and continuing yet another generation of useless blacks and mulattoes, maybe we could see some progress. In the end, it’s their penises and they keep using them to the detriment of the Black community. smh

      • her

        everything abt ths comment is a mess including that name. idc if u r black, white, latino or troll- u have a character flaw

      • Aang


      • Aang


  • steve

    Well…What goes around,comes right back around and slap you in your face.

  • Toasty Warm

    She’s stunning! I absolutely LOVE a woman with curves like that. They should be mandatory. ♂♀

  • egidiodesimone

    i use that butt, to put my ashtray on!

  • Lisa61

    I thought Dwyane had better taste in women guess not,
    Gabby give the ring back and save yourself the heart ache.

  • Mike

    Gabby is menopausal and old and D-Wade is in his prime..shes’ gotta do something to keep him around. He’s too high value for her, he can get anyone he wants…so she better be letting him bang other chicks. He was stuck in a long relationship with a ugly insane high school sweetheart and did the good guy monogamous family man thing when all the other rich guys his age would be having tons of fun. He then became single right around the time men typically enter their prime (28-35), something Gabby has already enjoyed…now it’s his turn. If he couldn’t bang other girls, then he’d be a sucker for marrying her. Her getting involved with the orgies probably makes her feel more comfortable about it then him just cheating.

    • Mrs_A

      Wasn’t he having an affair with Gabby during his marriage which led to his divorce?? “The way you steal them is usually the way you lose them.” Aside from all his fame & talent he just another man that cant be faithful to one woman..point blank..he’s human!!

  • Maida

    Gabriel is joining the group of women who feel “a piece of man” is better than no man. He didn’t use a condom. That she scare the hell out of her.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      She blames herself for him cheating too ….

      • Mrs_A

        Females that blame themselves for a man cheating are ((IDIOTS))

      • Whydid Youblockme

        LOL you neva lied!!!

    • Guessed

      Word is that DW and GU have the herps… Ewww

      • Mrs_A

        Compliments from hoeing around!!

    • Mrs_A

      Or maybe he’s a great plumber!!

    • Aang


  • Mike

    Dat butt is phat~~

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Well, she’s built for comfort and that’s a fact.

  • A C

    Please don’t show any more pictures of her. She looks disgusting.

  • Kel

    I think butts that big are gross. is this the new thing to posts like Kim. JLO sized butts are good.

    • Mrs_A

      For real!! If you going to enhance your butt and breast at least make them look real (normal size and shape) geez!! Paying all that money to look like hunch-back

    • Aang


  • wtny64

    How does a woman who ran her yap about an athlete or celebrity ever get the opportunity to do the same with another athlete or celebrity? Doesn’t the player’s union issue BOLOs for these skanks?

  • jeff

    Hoochey Mama!

  • TimX

    Apparently some Centaur blood in her family tree.

  • Natzhawk

    You paid to play!

    • Aang


  • Natzhawk

    You pay to play!

  • Raphael

    I don’t care if it’s fake or not! A slice would be nice!

    • Aang


  • Seed

    these athletes should be using condoms or contraception otherwise they are breeding trouble the odds are these kids conceived out of this irresponsible behaviours may turn out to be as dysfunctional as the parents. The men who believe its ok to sleep around and breed kids you not gonna bond with or women who believes its ok to trap men into having an unplanned unwanted baby just to use it to milk money from the man. This behavour is shameful especial from prominent figures like athletes they make black men look like scums and a joke the stereotyping of black people will continue and it hurts the mostly the kids


  • Mrs_A

    She still not on Mrs Union-Wade level

  • spanky18

    Beautiful ~ All the way to the Bank

  • Art Russell

    They say the average women is always sitting on at least 20,000.00 however this sister and I am not mad at her at all.. Is definitely working with 100 times that amount.. Ooh My Goodness. what a wunderful thang. Brotha Wade, God Bless you and your checking account..

  • Aang


  • E.G.

    That’s that okie doke right there.