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Drake Accused Of Stealing Veteran MC’s Lyrics

Well, isn’t this déjà vu. Today, another of Hip-Hop’s most popular artists, Drake, has some explaining to do after West Coast Veteran 4-Tay accused the superstar of rapping his bars on YG’s “Who Do You Love” without any proper homage.

4-Tay took to Twitter to call Drake out. “New Song w/ @YG Feat @Drake In This Song Drake Copys My Lyrics & Lines From My PlayazClub Song & Pays No Homage! ???,” he wrote.

Truthfully, there isn’t much the OVO frontman can say to defend himself here. A few bars in his verse’s opening moments pretty much mirror those 4-Tay spit on his 1994 cut “Playaz Club.” The Bay Area rapper’s lines go as follows:

“I got a ho named reel-to-reel/ She got a buddy named SP 12, now you know the deal/ We gets freaky in the studio late night/ That’s why the beats that you hear are coming real tight/ Somethin’ to roll to, somethin’ to stroll to/ If you’s a playa in the game this will hold you/ Mo money mo money for the bank roll/ Stick to the script don’t slip in the nine-fo/ A lot of fools put salt in the game/ Till when these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game.”

And here is the questionable portion of Drake’s lyrics.

“I got a shorty named Texas Sin/ She got a buddy named Young JB and now you know the deal/ We turnt up in the studio late night/ That’s why the songs that you hear comin’ real tight/ OVO crew, n***a, thought I told you/ If you a player in the game, this should hold you/ And man shout my n***a/ Game he just rolled through/ Eatin’ crab out in Malibu at Nobu/ A lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game/ Until these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game.”

There’ been no word from YG or Drake as of yet. Having read both sides, what’s your take on the matter? Could things have been resolved had Drake shouted 4-Tay out or should he have avoided using his lyrics all together? Let us know in the comments.

Hear 4-Tay’s “Playaz Club” below.

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  • NoAliasJusLiz

    Damn near word for word and no shout out? Disrespectful!

    • idisagree

      quoting his lyrics is the shout out. that’s how rappers pay homage. And then when people say the lyrics are dope then people say naw, he borrowed that from …. That’s how the younger generation gets put on to a lot of old school rap. I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all. Jay-Z did that all the time with biggie lines. Which made a lot of younger cats respect biggie.

      • NoAliasJusLiz

        Every rapper Drake “borrows” from he has shout out, or stated in interviews his inspiration. Why not now? Imo, he didn’t think the rap/hip hop heads would catch it. In the Bay Area, everybody (from that era) can recite that song through and through. My point being is that, the rest of the world is not familiar and I think he took that knowledge and ran with it.

      • Ricoswag305

        He should have wrote something better than that crap

      • E McArthur

        but Jay admits to that and tells us (the fans) about BIG

  • Sondragon

    Drake…..NIGGA! What were you thinking?!

  • Jborg

    this soft a$$ puzzi ni$$a needs to be exposed for the fraud he is! King of Jamaica my a$$

  • Jamaican Princess

    the best artist are the best thieves and the best business men is SEE who can screw who first! lol but on a serious note being from Toronto and an O.G I am use to all the Canadian dudes front wit American accents and swag for years..most are fake, Drake is American also so he gets a pass..Let me stop now lol i can’t R.I.P Big! (Jay Z next teif lol) check out my original authentic music (you tube I am Ms Destiny) #2014