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The Hip-Hop Shop: 10 Dope Rap-Inspired Goods (1/3/13)


Now that the bewilderment that comes with Christmas season and the entire gift buying process is over, it time to shift focus back on yourself. And that’s where Hip-Hop Wired enters with this year’s first installment of The Hip-Hop Shop: 10 Dope Rap-Inspired Goods.

This time around, we added a little diversity to our selections. Along with fashion apparel and the like, you’ll find books and other interesting knick knacks and accessories here.

Since it’s Friday, we won’t hold you any longer. Check out an ill assortment of goods for the Rap fans via The Hip-Hop Shop. If you see something you like, let us know in the comments.


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  • Asky Askerson

    LOL @ “The bewilderment of the Christmas season.” I never got this. Why do people complain so much about how hard and expensive Christmas is? You don’t have to actually participate if it bothers you so much, holidays are supposed to be fun. Can you imagine? “With all of the stress that comes with labor day…” That sounds ridiculous, and to me, all the complaining about Christmas sounds just as bizarre and weird. If it’s paining or straining you, cut it out! Stop it. Don’t do things that you dislike, lol. Not that complicated.