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Charlamagne Says Reality Shows “Give Hoes An Opportunity” [VIDEO]


Power 105.1 and MTV2 host and media personality Charlamagne Tha God found himself on the receiving end of questions when he visited The Arsenio Hall Show. The South Carolina native kept it candid as usual when asked about reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop

“They give hoes an opportunity, ya know what I’m saying,” dead panned Charlamagne when asked his thoughts on the reality show genre.”You gotta shout out somebody like Mona Scott-Young cause somebody gotta pimp these hoes, so why not her?”

Charlamagne also spoke on Bieber, the now cancelled George Zimmerman vs. DMX celebrity boxing match and his appreciation of Katy Perry.

Watch the segment below and more of Charlamagne’s interview with Arsenio, where he discusses why he hasn’t spoken to Wendy Williams in four years, on the next page.

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  • Melody Carroll

    he right

  • Maliksmama

    Main reason black folks stay losing. We’re quick to push each other under the bus and in front of the train.

    Hoes? I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen white, Asian, African, Hispanic, or any other ethnic group get on tv, radio, or the internet and refer to their women as (insert any low down filthy name).

    God help us!

    • amiwill

      It’s not a crime to call a hoe a hoe. Are you raising your daughter to be like any of the ladies on love & hip hop?… also I remember plenty of slutt shaming for Monica Lewinsky.

      • Self-Hating Negro Slayer

        That ain’t the point he was trying to make. Check out the other housewives, Mafia Wives, some of the white chicks on bad girls, and so on and so forth. White Men do not come at their ratchett women on a level like that.

      • amiwill

        I don’t think you understand my comment. Why am I supposed to defend hoes and coonery because they happened to be black. Google the shows you named and check the comments. I know Italians that hate mafia wives.

      • imsayintho

        I agree with you totally….Charlamagne goes in on everyone and while he is a bit vulgar, he’s honest and gives his opinion on every thing. And who cares about what race anyone is…..if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck…its most likely a duck…all these “reality shows” are making our generation look stupid and desperate for a check…

    • Billy Official

      Im w you! Smh. He is just ignorant.. Little man.

    • MsGV

      I agree. Charla says some foul things about his own people all the time and the fact his popularity is growing is very disturbing. He praises Katy Perry who is dating a racist, disrespect Lil Kim about her face, says horrible things about Lil Mama, calls RHOA hos, says Justin Bieber should stop hanging with blacks and ACT white so he’ll have a better reputation. etc. This guy is nuts. Noooo, he is just keeping it real. I never heard positive things from him ever. If you want to shock us Charla talk about history, culture, education and finances.

  • Evans Machuka

    look at this dinosaur headed monkey going off talking bullshit