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Captain’s Log: Derek Jeter’s 12 Sexiest Hookups


Derek Jeter, one of the finest class acts in any sport, is hanging up his cleats at the end of the 2014 season. The New York Yankees shortstop didn’t just conquer Major League Baseball, as we take a look back at his sexiest romatic interests.

The 13-time all-star and leading man on America’s most famous baseball team enjoyed quite the rarefied air of success during his time. Due to his charisma, God-given talent on the field, and scandal-free persona, Jeter never struck out with the ladies, either. The two-time Hank Aaron award-winner, who was dating Hollywood actress Minka Kelly, has recently dumped the performer in favor of bedding a bevy of beauties and leaving autographed baseballs as a thanks.

Apart from Kelly, Jeter has frequently been in the gossip rags for his hookups with celebrated actresses, talented singers and smoking hot models, and he always handled any report with class.

As Derek Jeter begins his ride off into the sunset, we take a look back at 12 of the sexiest home run lovers he’s had over the course of his professional career.

Photo: WENN

We start off with the legendary Yankee shortstop’s most recent conquest, an actress from Los Angeles…

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

Photo: WENN

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  • Guest Star

    Jeter’s the man. Tyra Banks – whew!

    • Run

      …ever seen her without makeup? There’s a reason she isn’t married. She and Oprah transform like no women I have ever seen, and I wouldn’t want to wake up next to either one for more than a year. Of course you would get with it for bragging rights, but…Tyra is “model fine” not “street fine”. There’s a difference. Model fine is to have on your arm for status, not to wake up to every day. They only look good with the right clothes, hair and makeup…and lighting! Street fine women look good no matter what. A street fine chick can be found at the corner grocery store. Tyra can’t compete with that.

  • JoeDaBeast

    Wonder if he would write a book on them. I heard some DISTURBING stuff about Mariah Carey. Hopefully for Nick Cannon’s sake, she learned how to take care of that.

  • Run

    Derrick Jeter is very average-looking, except for his 6’2 height and green eyes. He has very round face and no lips. Don’t get me twisted, he’s not “ugly” by any stretch, but I have never understood what women see in the guy. I wouldn’t want to look like him.

    • Donn Irving

      What do they see? Lights, camera, fame via association and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      • Run

        I agree! It’s amazing what these women will do to be associated with a celebrity. All of a sudden, std’s, getting played, being beaten, getting publicly humiliated, etc., is no problem. If they were with “average Joes” such things would be largely unacceptable. To his credit, Jeter is considered to be one of the more classy ones – but he’s still seen more (a)sz than a city bus.