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Energy drinks are still all the rage even after they have been cited as not being in your overall health’s best interest.

Which is exactly where new drink Neuro Sleep comes in.

Consider it the “turn-down” of all beverages on the market. According to their website, Neuro Sleep is packed with nutrients and melatonin to help regulate sleep patterns, improve sleep efficiency and is allegedly non-habit forming.

These days however, you’re only good as your ad campaign so Drink Neuro, the company behind the seemingly ingenious product enlisted universal Neil Patrick Harris to comically croon about his yearning to hit the hay.

When he deems that his tune needs a Hip-Hop touch-up, someone in Neuro Sleep’s PR revealed their proximity to the culture by recruiting Problem–of all people–to magically appear from under the bed, yelping out his trademark “Whaaat” as singer Asher Monroe anchors in the record.

Neuro Sleep are giving away free crack samples on their product if you wish to fill out the form on their site.

Check out the humorous commercial in the video below.

Photo: YouTube

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