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Raymond Felton Gun Struggle Inspires Hilarious Memes [PHOTOS]


As you probably know, Raymond Felton was arrested early this morning on multiple illegal weapons possession charges. As usual, the Internets showed no chill and proceeded to go in with the memes.

Felton’s face has been juxtaposed on everything from a gun toting Wood Harris in Above The Rim to Dipset. Shout out to @sktv_, the slander is impeccable.

Also, the point guard’s soon to be ex-wife has been catching heat as well. It seems that the rumors that Felton pointed a gun at her was false and she simply turned in the unregistered weapon to the authorities.

Peep the comedy in the following pages. They should have never gave y’all Photoshop…


Photo: Twitter, Instagram

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  • 7

    You big dummy

  • Bishop

    What can destroy a black man quicker
    than he can?
    A non black woman!
    A non black women when mad, will
    take a black man’s freedom, wallet,
    career & pension plan!
    They don’t play! & He is in New York too!,
    If they gave Plaxico Buress 3years in
    jail for accidentally shooting his self,
    then u already know that they are going
    to start him off with 3years!
    They charged him with multiple charges,
    when he only had one weapon that
    she brought in & said it was his!
    I would say that she was lying, & it was
    her gun!
    They only been married for 19 months!
    She sounds like a gold digging ho already!
    Chile please! That was her gun!
    I never saw that gun before! &
    That’s my story & I’m st!ccking to it!

    • JuJu

      damn not the pension plan too!! LMFAO