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Raymond Felton Gun Struggle Inspires Hilarious Memes [PHOTOS]



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  • 7

    You big dummy

  • Bishop

    What can destroy a black man quicker
    than he can?
    A non black woman!
    A non black women when mad, will
    take a black man’s freedom, wallet,
    career & pension plan!
    They don’t play! & He is in New York too!,
    If they gave Plaxico Buress 3years in
    jail for accidentally shooting his self,
    then u already know that they are going
    to start him off with 3years!
    They charged him with multiple charges,
    when he only had one weapon that
    she brought in & said it was his!
    I would say that she was lying, & it was
    her gun!
    They only been married for 19 months!
    She sounds like a gold digging ho already!
    Chile please! That was her gun!
    I never saw that gun before! &
    That’s my story & I’m st!ccking to it!

    • JuJu

      damn not the pension plan too!! LMFAO