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Real-Life “Billie Jean”: Singer Allegedly Proven To Be Michael Jackson’s Son [PHOTOS]



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  • James

    How the F&%# Michael Jackson put his N*&&% D$#@ in a brown skinned woman, and have a light skinned son

    • Beverly

      You GO TO BE WHITE or NON-BLACK if you don’t know that two brown skinned or dark Black people can make a lite skin baby!!!

      • Cami

        Exactly! Both my late mother and birth father are darker than me, as I inherited my great-great-grandmother’s coloring (and she was biracial). Many people assume that I’m biracial, so sometimes our genes can skip three generations and greatly affect one’s appearance (as they have in my case).

    • Brent

      Blacks genetically can have a child of any color. Two dark skin Africans can have a light colored child and that is because of genetics. Blacks have the largest genetic variation of any race and because of that they can have a child of any hue. Whites have the least genetic variation of any group.

  • PlasticSurgery isn’t inherited

    “”Who knew MJ’s plastic surgery and voice hormonal injections were genetic?””
    EXACTLY. brandon howard looks like MJ post-plastic surgery. what a phoney.

    • mj jr

      Well if they do another DNA test and it comes up positive we’ll know the guy had some plastic surgery and uses hormonal injections. He wouldn’t be the first black singer to do that. I wonder if his and Michael’s childhood pictures look similar. If he is Mike’s son too bad he did the plastic surgery. It would be so cool to see what Michael would have looked like without all the plastic surgery. Plus offstage and away from the spotlight everyone said Michael had a normal male voice. The first to disclose that was his ex wife Lisa Marie Presley.