Trent Clark

19-Year-Old Model Posts Her Boyfriend-Induced Injuries On Instagram [PHOTOS]



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  • Miss. Truth

    Stay away from crazy niggaz, most black men have no respect or love for the black woman. He’s worse than the white man when it comes to his former biggest supporter. Black women better wake up quick. Rap music has brainwashed our men to hate us.

    • Jake Grzelka

      Our men, and worst then white people, lead me to believe u may be racist.

    • Richard Hopkins

      former biggest supporter?? Well I do know this historically black women have blamed the black man for our enslavement — and rightfully so. We should have died rather than lived like that so I guess you might be right

    • Jack Black

      His former biggest supporter? Black women have never supported Black men in general. Im not talking about the few woman who did stand by their man im talking about the majority. White men in government has set up a system for black women to use to destory black men, and black women have used it with no apology. This whole DSS social welfare system that alot of black women love and cant let go of that discriminates on black men even if hes taking care of his kids. Black men have no respect for black women? I beg to differ its black women who go after thugs and call Hard working educated black men lames. Then when those thugs do em bad they blame all black men for their poor choices, you got it wrong lady your probrally some insane welfare queen with 15 kids

      • Mike Donovan


    • Hilo_Gamer808

      You must hate ya own skin too huh

    • nomo

      its not just black women. its women in general.

      • Aang


    • Aang


  • thetruthteller

    All this females wanna date a bad boy. Yet, after this she will be back with him in the next few months.All the dumb females will never realize until it is too late that a bad boy isn’t for you.

    • Babygirl

      Are you people educated enough to know every nationality is getting welfare of some sort don’t just say the black women. All women need to stand up for them selves , once that man beat you once thats gonna keep going on . make a report to the police I dont care how much you love him.Its gonna continue . Ive been there , was scared of him but i woke up and gave him a taste of his own medicine I fought back not only with my fist , when he saw his own blood the fighting was over

      • Aang


  • Aang