Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: Rach aka The Thick Woman Spotted With Lil Terrio [PHOTOS]



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  • Truth Hurts

    Now remind me how our future Black men are suppose grow up “respecting” Black women when this type of sh-t is going on?

  • johnjohhn

    this chick is a stripper at tootsie’s and EVERYTHING on her body is FAKE.

  • CrashC

    Oh, lord, please let me live to see another 30 years so I can see how these fame slores, (once their looks go, bodies turn into an eldery tattooed mess and child support/trap payments end) turn out. I just want to ask…just one of them (while they’re handing me my meal) “Was it worth it?”

  • Why?

    Fake or not that tattoo ruined her butt. Damn shame too.


    Ratch aka ratchet thick bi tch