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The 11 Most Coon-Worthy Moments From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Trailer [PHOTOS]



Love Triangle 

Scrappy is juggling two women and one is pregnant, and both seem willing to throw hands. He clearly enjoys being stressed.


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  • Ayisha

    The things people do for money…

    • keke

      And how does Stevie want custody of his daughter with Mimi when he owes a million in back child support in his other children? How does that work in court bruh? Amd this rented mansion him and his “lovely” wife live in is provided by the producers of the show….. All for the cameras.

  • wutitdo

    Complete F**kery. Can’t wait! Does Scrappy have swipe? What’s this hold he has on these chics? First Erica and Shay now these two what’s really going on?

  • Reese

    There was no leak. Come on

  • Destiny Brown

    Ugh, I’m ashamed and intrigued at the same time. Everything seems “set up”

    • IDontTrustWhitePpl

      my thoughts exactly

  • Nik

    It’s hard to beat ratchetness like getting shot at your moms funeral.

  • mommydear

    I was a faithful watcher of love and hip hop.ALL of them. I enjoy a good laugh and sippin others tea just like the next man, but this ish is toooooooooo damn much. Its beyond harmless entertainment, it has reached a level of exploitation there’s. no class whatsoever. Im down with having a hustle to take care of your family and try to secure a stable future, however demeaning yourself and your family for all to see (millions) isnt a hustle. Technically you are the ones GETTING hustled. There is change being made by all the cast but look at the price being paid for that pocket change. If my opinion is wrong then I do apologize, but there is no amount of money that could cause me to make a fool of myself and have my two boys look at me in disgust. When the cameras aren’t rolling you have to look at yourself in the mirror and you have to face your family. Will you all like what you see staring back?

    • BaybeK8s

      Amen my Sister! I’ve been ranting and raving about this for a while now but, you said it best.

      • mommydear

        Thank you

    • hrprofessional

      I agree. I made the decision tonight to remove it from my Tivo Season Pass. I think it has officially become too much.

      • mommydear

        And thank you again

    • Nene

      Preach preacher. Make the money but don’t let it make you.

      • mommydear

        Aint it the truth Ruth?

  • mommydear

    I dont even think ratchet is the word for this mess. Lmao 🙂

    • IDontTrustWhitePpl

      Nope. Its saddiculous (sad & ridiculous)

      • mommydear

        Wow. Thats a good that.


    We all know this show is fake so in the real world, mimi is a po rnstar…she sold out for a show that won’t even be on in a few years. …what a dumb as s bi tch

    • Nene

      Agreed. Talk about selling your soul. Mimi will have to live with this for the rest of her life. I don’t think Mimi did the p0rn0 for money because she has her own business. I think she did it for fame. She didn’t think about the consequences this will have on her daughter.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    LMAO is Benzino really on life-support for getting shot IN THE ARM?…