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Brooklyn Teen Shot After Cutting Nike Air Foamposite Pro Line


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  • tammy

    This is what I been talking about …young blacks kids…being seriously injured or killed for a pair of expensive sneakers. Parents need to teach their kids differently. Those sneakers can’t feed u…help your health..get u a good education. They feel pressured to have the latest sneakers..all the ” hip kids” got the latest sneakers.


      it’s not just sneakers it’s disrespect. I don’t care what it was he had no right to cut that line. During the hurricane some years ago in Florida we were in gas lines and people were trying to cut the line. People pulled out their guns because this was serious then came the national guard with M-16 guns. What this kid did was dead a** wrong and he got what he deserved as far as I’m concerned.

      • ObservintheATL

        I hear you and agree but, I’m more inclined to believe he deserved a beatdown. Pulling out firearms isn’t the answer. That could have gone horribly wrong. Other people could have been accidentally hit. The young  shooter could have murdered instead of just wounded that fool. Then, his life would be over too.

    • chani


  • bozack69

    Everyone on that line should have been shot (not literally) for caring more about a hood ‘status symbol’ than probably your own seed!

    • ObservintheATL

      Wonder how many crying broke, not paying their utilities or rent on time and maybe even getting food stamps but, found money to put into Kanye and Nike’s pockets. SMH

      • ysit

        Why are you so interested about a group of people buying basketball shoes??

      • ObservintheATL

        It’s not interest. This was a response to another post.

    • ysit

      There not just sold in the hood…or america…weird that you veiw shoes as a status symbol…

  • Dadd Spyduh-Mayne Jones

    Shooting folks over shoes.. wow smh!!!! Damn i hope those shoes were worth it

  • DRUNK247


  • Sambo King Dingaling

    B itch made fools!

  • Dafuk

    And in other news, the sky is still blue.

  • Dafuk

    Just last week a bushnig speared another bushnig, for his brand new nose bone

  • Tyree’sMom

    This is why we last in everything. We just dumb, antiquated farm implements.

  • VinnyMaruggi

    Typical nìggèr nonsense. Nothing to see here. Move along people.

  • ysit



    Somebody got shot and died in atl two years ago. ..ppl better watch that cutting in line sh it sneaker heads will shoot you

  • FiFi London

    What tha what?