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8 Things We Learned From The HOT 97 RZA Interview [PHOTOS]

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN


Originally all the Wu members were signed to Wu-Tang Productions. After the immense success of Enter The 36 Chambers, each MC asked to be let go of their contracts. In the spirit of brotherhood, RZA let them all go with no penalties or publishing ties. He is asking for that spirit of brotherhood to shown in order to complete A Better Tomorrow.

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    Whaaaaat fa real??!! Folks jump on here and comment about the reality birds and all this other non sense but no comments for RZA and the Wu OMG say it ain’t so all my real hip hop heads and 80’s babies should be in here lighting up this feed smh they say hip hop is dead nah the hip hop community is all these watered down rappers and crap lousy music

    Anywho I knew that all of the Wu was signed to a production deal I think it would be a measure of good faith to allow RZA. To produce the album personally I’m looking to get that old thang back I don’t want no bs take on Wu tang I’m patiently waiting on A better day hopefully it will drop b4 Dre drops his long awaited sequel lol

    • beenie

      of course he would have to complete that electric sha 1st!

  • jOOcEEj

    Wu tang in dis bishh foreverr MUTHAPHUKAZ! RIP ODB