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Twitter Reacts To Solange-Administered Fade To Jay Z [PHOTOS]



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  • Ayisha

    This is hilarious

  • BossLady206

    Super sad to see!! Praying for all parties involved….

    • playaplaya

      Why u praying for millionaires tho? They got rich people problems that we won’t understand. They gone be alright lol

      • BossLady206

        I’m sorry…I pray for anyone who needs it…rich or poor….Jesus doesnt discriminate.

      • Al_Sharpton_The_Snitch

        pray for me.

      • BossLady206

        You need it if you’ve been talking to them boyz, Al…lol.

  • PolkaDots


  • LeeLeeC

    None of these were funny

  • Rene

    So what’s the penalty for her? I guess with those rules every sister in law can kick & spit on her sisters husband….cuz it’s clear “da queen” won’t do a thing except be the plastic doll she always is.

  • You’renotme

    These unfunny peasant have way too much time in their hands!!

  • w33zy Boo

    Not funny…why is it cute or funny that B could be making fun of her sis with her husband…losers for this memes…

  • Otis Django

    NIXON KNOWLES IS HOMELESS AND HUNGRY. Beyonce and Solange should help out their baby brother.

    That little fella walkin around with no shows and begging for change.

  • sandy763

    Wow that was hard to watch. I’m curious to know what set her off. I can’t even imagine winging on my brother-in-law like that, it’s just crazy. Beyonce didn’t seem alarmed, kinda like this wasn’t new or strange? I’ll be the spin will be a doozie..

  • Craig Mack

    What happened was Jay- Z farted on the elevator and it was a, “silent but deadly” that smelled like a boiled egg. Solange asked, “who farted on the elevator”, and Jay-Z responded, who ever smelt it dealt it. After that, she went ham! By the way, Beyonce didn’t move or react because she was stunned by the smell. Silent but deadlies or no joke!

  • John Aurora

    Jay Z going to have to remix his song…he definitely has 100 problems now.

  • John Aurora

    ” I got 99 problems….and Solange added 1. 99 problems and Solange makes a Hund.”