For Those In Denial: Nicki Minaj Is Obsessed With Lil' Kim


“No ideas original, there’s nothing new under the son. It’s never what you do but how it’s done…” -Nas

One of our Hip-Hop Wired supporters sent this one in and we couldn’t deny his point. Shout out to ya Calvin H.

Check more of the biting pictorials after the jump!!! (more…)

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  • princekeem

    They are a little alike
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  • theconversationartist

    I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE SHE FIRST CAME OUT!!!! Thank you for someone finally agreeing with me!!!!

  • Quinta Moore

    It doesnt necessarily mean Nicki iz copying Kim’s style or trying to replace her. It could be dat its a way of sayin “Hey,I can do what you do but even better.” Lyrically i feel Nicki is on top,though both artist are still incredibly talented.

  • Ms.mia

    A person is entitled to their own way of style,but me personaly would never duplicate or make it that obvious!

  • Nicki Needs to watch out!!!

    Nicki Minaj is a thief who stole the lyrics of a female rapper from the Chi by the name of Suave’ The Clutch…Time will tell but check this out since Nicki cowardly throws blows at The clutch in several songs including Roger That….


    Now “what what” ….. will nick have to say about this sickly obsession. She can’t deny it 4ever. Hey Kim Queen Bee, can you please just “What’s The Word” this childish tramp?! Enough already with this lame bum biter.

  • opinionated

    This whole thing is bananas. Whoever is not capable of seeing that is obviously blind as hell. She even raps a lil like lil kim and she’s not even versatile with it. Her rhymes r whack. and to b honest i’m tired of her acting like a damn robot all the time. I hate when people bite other people. Everybody knows lil kim’s the original black barbie. Nicki needs to find her own personality or she not gone last long at all. And personally i’m tired of the robot s**t

  • johnson

    She is a straight copy cat…..It appears that everything Lil Kim Has ALREADY PERFECTED , she thinks she can do better, if she can do better, then why is her style Li Kims every move?????

  • lil kim fan

    Lil kim will always b da Black Barbie ! Nicki Jackaj is a straight jacka. She realli is obssessed wit Kim. But like Kim says….. no time 4 fake 1z ! We love u Kimmie !

  • potent10

    Nicki been a fan! So obvious.
    Follow the real on Twitter @potent10