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White Supremacist Leader Killed In South Africa, Followers Plan Retaliation


A leader of white supremacists in South Africa was bludgeoned to death Saturday leading some of his followers to call his death a “declaration of war.”

69-year-old Eugene Terreblanche, the longtime leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement was killed by two of his workers in what’s being described as “a dispute of wages.”

The white supremacist group was known for their idea of making an all white republic in the country and leaving Blacks to only enter the area as workers.

A prominent follower of the AWG, Andre Visagie tells the Associated Press that the leaders face had been bludgeoned “beyond recognition” and that this means war.

“The death of Mr. Terreblanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for 10 years on end.”

Officials are now trying to ease the now rising racial tensions in the country, ten weeks before the country is set to host soccer’s World Cup.

President Jacob Zuma issued a statement urging citizens not to give into the racial hatred saying,

“South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fueling racial hatred.”

Let’s hope this situation doesn’t get out of hand…

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  • Really don’t know when the wars between Whites and Blacks will be ended. As all we know South Africa just come out of Apartheid period but still one can feel the impacts of Apartheid Period on life of South African. Though Eugene Terreblanche was killed by his own two party workers but still you can never forget the basic reason of the violence in South Africa. Anyways his case should be investigated properly to uncover the real faces.

  • Thanks for the information, I cant wait to read more of your posts.