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The Results Are In: 13 Things We Learned On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [PHOTOS]


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back to its regular schedule and last night’s episode maintained its knack for insanely scripted reality. 

Mimi and Nikko continued to be an exercise in bad acting. Scrappy is trying to be a better man and dip and dodge the advances of Erica P (we give him another episode or two before he says “yolo.”)

This episode we got to see plenty of Yung Joc and Karlie Redd and their relationship seems to be soaked in jealousy. Karlie thinks Joc has boned every women he even says hello too. However, Karlie was caught acting up when R&B singer Jeremih (remember him) was in town and paid a visit to her studio session.

Also, Kirk continued to prove his worth as a no good man of the highest caliber. Check out 13 things we learned from the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the gallery.

Photos: VH1

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  • Hill Candy

    Scrappy and his mom was so funny. I almost died what she said about marks on her stomach. Scrappy was wrong for going to Erica P house from the get up. And lets not forget about Erica’s man O’Shea asking for her card. smh. So fake Mimi getting out her own car. so guess that car Stevie gave her last year as leased. Stevie know he does not own that big house him and Joe live in. Why two people rent/lease that much house is crazy. Only black people. Six car and only two of yall can drive

    • BossLady206

      Lol @ that house! **in my pharell voice** I know that I’m carrying on, never mind if I’m showing off……I was just frontin’…..

      • jennellabella2

        You do know MiMi was in that video right??

      • Prietalinda85

        She sure was! I didn’t realize this until recently and she definitely looks different.

      • jennellabella2

        Yeah she looks like she has had work done to her face.

      • BossLady206

        Was she for real??? That was a total coincidence…i gotta go back and watch it.

      • jennellabella2

        Yes maam!

      • BossLady206

        Snap…that was her with the short side sweep….CRAZY…how the heck did you know that. Some trivia for that @ss…lol. I didnt remember lauren london being in it either.

      • jennellabella2

        I love Pharrell and that song lol. I remembered when she did ” When we locked eyes gesture”.

  • J L

    mona needs to be slapped for this whack show

    • GingerNHoney

      with the left hand and the right.

  • Meandmybish

    Nikko is one unattractive fool. What is wrong with Mimi!!??

    • rocis

      Hard up 4 a bed partner & + she still want Stevie (yes)

      • klay naija

        she do…Loved when Sleezy said I can get u back whenever I want….PAUSE

  • Guess who

    I work for an Audi dealership and mimi is driving a 2009-2010 Audi. #notfooled#

  • jas chicago

    I can’t believe the model asked for Erickas card! Omg!!!!! How embarrassing.

    • blaq phlip

      That’s what I’m talking about…struggle needs to be ashamed of himself…@ least Scrappy has some coinage….lol

      • jas chicago

        Then she defended his behavior. Women’s standards are so low these days. That guy looks so full of himself. Spending his woman’s money when she has a child to provide for. Smh. I’m appalled

  • Tia

    I hope Rasheedah’s mom runs over Kirk’s new bike when she finds out about that DNA test… And the only people showing up at Sleaze & Zino’s Bistro and Bar is gonna be health inspectors, process servers, and past, present and future L&HH cast and crew.

    • blaq phlip

      Lol!!!!…Stevie can hire Mimi’ s maid crew for janitorial services.

      • Isis Venus

        shame on you hahahahaha lol, you made me cry, i’m in tears..!

  • black phlip

    Exactly!…he makes a lot of sense….like a mediator.

  • SexyJ

    He thought always made sense. I’m liking him