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Twitter Reacts To Beyonce, Jay Z Statement [PHOTOS]



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  • Mspinklady

    They should’ve just stayed quiet. Making a statement period speaks volumes. They want this sh!t to go away and fast lol

    • Musical Genius

      It was really a no win situation for them. They were damnned if they stayed quiet and damned if they made a statement. They just hoped that the statement would quiet some of the noise surrounding the fight.

    • Sleepy One

      I wish this story would go away fast and I’m not their family. Why are ppl so in awe about this family dispute #idontunderstand


    Not to good with the statement…but when you’re in the public eye, you have to do things like this.

  • rocis

    Let it go it’s over let’s move on who next!!! To talk about cuz ima so over jay,bey,solo

  • You’renotme

    The last tweet was hilarious! I loved it

  • tarrilove

    Why y’all have us click through all those pages. For weak comments and retweet of statement? Waste of time, hyping stuff up. That’s why I usually use kindle version so I slide on through. Y’all got me this time, at work with Samsung.

  • Tinaria

    Why is this such a big deal all families fight. What because they are famous?!! They are not a perfect family. They have their disagreements and ups an downs just like every other normal family….smh

  • Gotcha

    I think they have been separated for quite awhile and this trouble has to do with JayZ’s behavior(scary). Solange reacted in pure rage, telling me Beyoncé or Blue or both are involved. Blessings to all…..