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Must Be The Money: Top 10 Frivolous Rap Lawsuits


40 Glocc Sues The Game

We can’t decide if this ongoing “fight” is real or if they’re just trolling Hip-Hop to see how outrageous & WWE-like it can really get (Author’s Note: I’m going with the latter…) Regardless, in 2012, these two reformed (?) gangsters took their fight to a place that most rappers know NEVER to go: the courts. When a fight between the two West Coast rappers was caught on tape, current VH1 starlet The Game blessed 40 Glocc (real name: Tory Gasaway) with more than a few fades. 40 Glocc then went to the courts to demand more than $4 million in damages (which, of course, was dismissed — mostly because of the existence of the video below). [youtube]

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  • Johnny Cockran

    The real “Freeway Ricky Ross” had a legitimate lawsuit against a former corrections officer for stealing his entire indentity, life style, life story and real name. This is fraud to the tenth degree in any level. This self proclaimed “boss” is as fake as a three dolla’ bill! Frivolous lawsuit? Think again HHW!